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Guess Whos Back!


Powdered Toast Man
Hey everyone!
Im back!!
I am re-starting CD on the 15th! I cant wait, i have put all my weight back on, which suck alot. I have been feeling so shitty and unhealthy recently, and now i can actually afford to go back on CD, which i am totally excited about :D:D. Im also going to be sticking to it 100% this time which i didnt before.
So yeah, i will be posting alot more now that im going back on CD, im going to need plenty of support like before!

I hope everyone is doing well.

Also i may aswell plug my website lol

[Marcus Powell Photography]

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Welcome back and good luck on the restart!

Photos are fabulous btw!

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Hi RBL and welcome back to the gang. You sound really up for getting back on CD and I'm sure the weight will melt away and you'll get back to where you want to be in super-quick-time :)
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Checked out your site and LOVE your portfolio!
Well we haven't met on here before but I feel I know you already because I am a regular contender for the "Last person to post" thread - so hi there. I took a quick look at the website but saw but one image. In my younger years I too enjoyed photography and went to college for a period of time working extensively with B & W. Dont do much these days if at all because I have to rely on autofocus. My eyes are not so good now. I hope you have great success and I am sure your passion will take you far. Put the same passion into regaining your weight control and you will be a very happy man. Posting on here is one of the things that keeps me focussed and as this is second time around for me too (I lost 4 stone previously with LL) I have no wish to waste my money or my effort by not giving it my best shot this time; we have to learn to re-educate our thinking on weight control after losing or else we will yoyo all thru our lives and that is it in B & W.
Oops! Dunderhead me! I didnt move the curser up the page to see PORTFOLIO. I have now and you have some very interesting images there. I have seen the photo of Aimee before - is she on this forum by any chance? Otherwise would you have posted it on this site before? The photo is very familiar.


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good luck!


Powdered Toast Man
Thanks everyone :)
I got about 5 stone to loose, i can do it :D


Powdered Toast Man
I lost 3 stone before, but stupidly put it all back on :(


Strong women stay slim
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Hi there , i remember you before yu lost it in no time , i think you will again !


Powdered Toast Man
Hey thanks for all the support and nice worlds everyone :)


The Me Is Back.........
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Thanks everyone :)
I got about 5 stone to loose, i can do it :D

Hi Marcus
I to have 5 stone too shift will be good to have another bloke on here as well as me.

Good luck on your journey you know you can do it.



Powdered Toast Man
I wanna try and get it all off, or atleast most of it by June
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Welcome back Marcus, you know you can do it, plus it is a bonus being male as the weight should drop off. :)


Powdered Toast Man
Hey everyone
I really appreciate all the nice comments :)

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