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hi there
how long have you been on LL?

my gums are fine - but i went to the dentist on tuesday and i need 2 fillings.

i was wondering if LL had anything to do with this - prob not, but it had crossed my mind. i only have the shakes and bars - all which i find very sweet, and i have never had a sweet tooth before, so was wondering if the sweetners etc may be partly to blame - or at least accelerated the problems?

daisy x

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Yes. You can.
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I do not think the diet would have anything to do at all to anyones teeth.

Think about the food we used to eat - purple foil wrapped things, frozen creamy stuff, booze, etc., (trying not to say the foods! lol) LL packs and bars are nowhere near as high in sugar and gooey stuff!!

Just coincidence.

Though at the moment, funnily enough, I am very dubious of mosts dentists!! ;)
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nearly there!! :)
yup i am having trouble with my teeth too!!

i love ll so not "blaming" it but i do too think it had summat to do with it!
ive never had a filling or anything other than my teeth cleaned at the dentist...but since i started ll my teeth have slightly rotted and now the slightest touch on my gum and they bleed!!
i no ll isnt suited to everyone and im in no way slating it...i love it!! but i member when all the media hype was going on bout the girl who drank to much and died, there was to dentists that had done the diet and they found there teeth started going down hill to!!

i THINK i heard its summat ta do with the amount of vitamins that we are getting and how our teeth arnt use to it...dont quote me though ha!!

ah well being happy in me is the best thing i could do for me so dont regret my decision to do ll!!


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Not aware I have any teeth or gum probs, but got a check up in two weeks so it will be interesting to see if my dentist picks up anything then.
Hi my dentist didnt know i was on the diet and was really impressed with my general oral health.....usually get nagged about flossing etc but got a pat on the back instead. i think its quite easy to blame the diet when sometimes it might not be at fault.

I had exactly the same when I was on abstinence. Didn't tell the dentist my teeth and gums were so good because I hadn't eaten for nearly a year!


I Can Do This!
S: 18st12lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 6st3lb(32.95%)
Had a dental check-up yesterday.

The dentist was amazed - she couldn't find any plaque on my teeth at all and was incredibly impressed by how clean I am keeping them!!! I am doing nothing different in relation to dental hygiene so can only be a lack of normal food and chewing :D. But I chose not to enlighten the dentist.

No gum problems either - and that's after 16 full weeks on the programme.

Maybe I'm just lucky not to suffer the problems others have had.


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I had the same problem for the first month with bleeding gums but it's fine again now-HTH

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