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Yummy Mummy! xx
Enjoy the peace and quite lol (and the xtra bed space lol!!)

You can tell Ive been with my OH for 9 years cant you???? Id be encouraging mine to go for week lol!!!!!
Get together with the girls for a night in/night out and catch up on all the goss!


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I'd have been packing his bags two weeks ago rofl ... (married 15 years). Enjoy the peace, pamper yourself, go out with the girls - sounds like heaven to me!
Do all the things you can't do with someone else in the way. Have a party. Have a facial. Do your nails. Rearrange all the furniture. Have a day out somewhere nice. Get on the bus and see where it takes you.

Seriously, though, one of the most valuable things we can learn is how to be happy in our own company. Sooner or later we are all going to be alone for at least part of our lives.
OMG sounds like heaven! I SO do solitude! I'll have one of these this weekend please, please...... please? Pretty please with sugar on?

Fat chance! :p

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Make the most of it!!!!

1. Watch what you want on TV
2. Have some room in the bed
3. Paint your nails
4. Read a magazine or book without being pestered!
5. Have a long soak in the bath, NOT a la WKD ad!
6. Come on here!

Ohhh the list is endless... xxx


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Change the locks while he's gone? :eek:
Bev, make me laugh my head off.

Awwww, it must be nice to be still so in love that you would miss your partner even for a day or so. Unfortunately, that doesn't last long does it. :D I love that advert with the settee with an ejector seat and she flings her OH out the window. One can dream! (kidding)
Start planning a fish week??

I empathise DD, DH and I have been together for 12 years and other than when I was in hospital having the kids, have never spent a night apart. I find it hard enough getting to sleep when he goes to bed later than me!!

Its fine to miss him, he is doing something he enjoys, so you do something you enjoy too! And stay on plan! Its not an excuse to comfort eat :D


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so far i have been strawberry picking and tidied the whole house. i miss him so much tho, he is my best friend and my bf. plus who going to make me tea and send me to the gym


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oooh i would be making a huge syn free sofa snack (fruits yoghurts etc) and settling down to a box set of SATC or watching films like The Holiday with all my girlies!!!!


I know what you mean about missing them when they are away - but enjoy your 'me' time.....xxxx
I know what you mean as well about the missing him. I hate it if we are apart and we have been married 25 years this year......not sure he hates it though, must be so peaceful for him lol.

I can not add much to what the other girls have said other than, if you enjoy cooking, start planning his favourite meal for his return ( keep yours SW friendly) prepare yourself for him coming home, do your hair, your nails, plan what you will wear or not !!! Put romantic candles in the bedroom or bathroom, fill the place with flowers. Make his coming home into something really special. Make him never want to go again lol !!!!!

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