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  1. eebb12

    eebb12 Member

    Does anyone do group classes at the gym?

    I used to go to body attack (looking back I can't believe I did!!) when I was a bit smaller and a LOT fitter.

    I'm thinking of maybe body balance and zumba.... Really fancy trying yoga or similar but fear I'll be too big toget in to some of the positions lol!

    Anyone else do group classes? If not how do you stick the boredom of the gym or what do you do for exercise?
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  3. spannerk

    spannerk Member

    With regards to yoga ask the trainer to show u properly u will be surprised at what your body can do!!

    And I love Zumba you work your stomach muscles by laughing with a friend :) xx


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  4. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    I do body combat classes at my gym, me and my sister are also starting a new class called sh-bam, which is basically Zumba just a bit harder! Love my body combat, it's hard but worth it, we go every Thursday evening :) and we're really looking forward to trying our new class x
  5. Maria

    Maria Was born to shop

    Hey, I got to curves ladies only gym, it's a circuit set up so complete the circuit 3 times and that's half an hour, also they run a Zumba session, I'm going to embark on my first one this week.
  6. MummySarahE

    MummySarahE Silver Member

    I've done a lot of classes in the past. Great fun and if you go every week you can see the same faces and get to know people. I met a friend in Zumba and we walked home together. Sort of encouraged me to go. I don't go now tho as I got a new job and my hours changed.
  7. ETanny

    ETanny Full Member

    I do Zumba once a week and I am looking into spin classes for when I cant make the evening Zumba glass.
  8. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    I have just joined my local gym and have a fitness programme to follow for the next couple of months. The trainer also suggested a couple of the classes - bums and tums, particularly recommended. I saw a kick-box class (not sure of name though) which looked way too energetic for me at the moment. I would like to try spinning, but again think that might be beyond me. I'm not sure whether the Zumba is at a time that I can go, but that is another that is possible. Also an aqua-robics class. So plenty to choose from for me.
  9. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    I have never dared to go to the gym so I have only ever tried Aqua Fit classes which I enjoyed and once went to Aqua Zumba but that was a joke lol.
    I used to do alot of Boxing/Circuit training at my local nightclub once a week but I haven't been for about 2 years.
    At the moment I am thinking about taking something up to do. Quite like the sound of spin but at the same time nervous lol xxx
  10. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    I had a quick look at the spinning for beginners & have registered an interest...........but I did go into the Group Kick - just to see what it was like, & I stopped for the whole session and loved it!
  11. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    I'm glad you enjoyed it hun. xxx
  12. Hannah311

    Hannah311 Member

    I am about to go to my gym again, first time for 9months, had some surgery which meant I could not immediately go back, then sort of lost the habit- I always went on my own, using the fitness room equipment, but might join a class now.

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