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Gym newbie .........silly questions, but I am nervous about going.


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I am just about to join my local council's gym. For the membership I can go to any of three gyms, swimming pools and various classes held there. There is one about five minutes walk from where I work and another one nearer to home, so it is most likely that I will use the facilities at these two.

To to start I am being shown all the machines in the gym, and will be given a suggested work plan. There are a couple of classes that have been suggested for me - I saw one of them and it looked way too energetic for me :(

Now for the silly question .................What I really need to know - is what should I wear? I don't do any exercise classes etc and don't have any jogging trousers, track suits or similar. I can find an old t shirt but have nothing other than jeans. The class that I saw everyone looked really professional, which was off-putting. :sigh:

I have a pair of toning shoes that I got for walking,( the curved ones that are supposed to exercise you more) will they be ok or should I get proper flat trainers?
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Hi, well done on joining the gym :) thats the hardest part! Definitely don't wear jeans though! You can get jogging bottoms really cheap, primark or a supermarket clothes section will have some basic ones. Your old t shirt will do aswell. As long as your comfortable. You should probably get some flat trainers though. Good luck :)

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Hi Pattipen, starting is the hardest part and you are well on your way. I just joined a gym for the first time early this year -and I felt very self-conscious and awkward. However, there was nothing to worry about; people at the gym were just there trying to keep fit themselves, and certainly not looking down at me. In fact other gym users are very friendly and helpful.
As Adelli said, get some joggers, and non-curved trainers. Once you've been a few times you'll feel much more comfortable and begin to even enjoy going!
Well done for stepping up!
I feel exactly the same...
I would love to go to the gym, but I have no one to go with and for some reason feel so awkward going on my own...
Dont have as many friends as I used to as I now have 2 babies under two and socialising takes a back foot at the moment!

Terrified of the gym and gym classes!
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Hi Paige, it can feel daunting; but go for it! You can do this :)
I just always think gyms are full of healthy fit men and women, then there'd be little me, sweating on the exercise machines (even though I know thats whats suppose to happen haha!)
Would also like to start swimming, but I feel I may be harpoon'd :p
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For the first few weeks of working out I just wore leggings with a extra long top/vest (nothing worse or more distracting than seeing someone's knicknacks through their leggins when they're working out in front of you haha!) and if you haven't got any you can pick some of them up for a couple of pound normally (if you can't get joggers obviously).

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