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  1. jaynie1985

    jaynie1985 Full Member

    :cry::cry::cry::cry:i really feel like giving up and eating the whole world!!!!!!!!!

    Only on day bloodie 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

    will it get beter??????????????

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  3. haggard_hannah

    haggard_hannah Proud to be a Loser!

    I promise you it gets better hun, day 3 is ALWAYS the worst! This is your first glitch, stay strong and you'll get over it more determined than before. Try to take your mind of it, have a relaxing bath, do your nails or even have an early night. Just stay strong! xx
  4. ELAY

    ELAY Full Member


    Hang in there you can do it! It will get better:)

    You've been strong enough to make the decision to go on this Journey, so you can be strong enough to stick to it. This is just a minor Blip.

    :D x :D x
  5. mandye

    mandye Silver Member

    You are on the worst day keep busy stay strong it will pass soon .Look at the insperation slide to see what a difference it makes to peeps xx
  6. Asa

    Asa Silver Member

    It will get better! Just hang in there!! Take it hour by hour. Write and read here on the forum, keep yourself busy, call a friend, organize your desk, or do something that will take your mind of hunger. Day 3 and 4 were hard, then it got easier!
  7. jaynie1985

    jaynie1985 Full Member

    thanks hun will have a bath, when does it start getting better??? when will i stop wanting to eat everything?? :( x
  8. haggard_hannah

    haggard_hannah Proud to be a Loser!

    Well, if you're in ketosis then you shouldn't physically be feeling any hunger. The "psychological" hunger, as I call it, will take a little longer to go away. The key to success on thsi diet is all about your state of mind. If you are positive and just keep telling yourself that you will succeed, then you will xx
  9. karen.garraway

    karen.garraway Full Member

    Hi, I am on day 4 and have been in such a bad mood. I took my weighed chicken to my grandparents for tea as we were having a family meal - i did have a piece of cheese and a bread roll ahhhhhhhhh and then tonight i have had a banana.
    It does get to the point where you dont think of it - i lost 2 and half stone last year but put it all back on!!!! We must suceed but it is sooooo hard x
  10. haggard_hannah

    haggard_hannah Proud to be a Loser!

    it is incredibly hard. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. But also the best thing I have ever done :D I have a future now - if I hadn't gone on CD I could have been dead within 5 years. And now, I look and feel like a different person.

    I tried every diet under the sun before this, I don't have much staying power. So if I can do it, everyone else can lol xx
  11. Daiseydoo

    Daiseydoo is looking forward

    Stick with it hunny u have done exceptionally well to get to day three I was struggling on day 2 lol but now im on day 16 and im nevr going back to my old ways. Wait till weigh in 1 and u will be glad u did. Listen to the girls they are all right hun xxx
  12. Mia

    Mia Skinny girl in a fat body

    It does get easier. I am on week 12 and my 'head' still wants to eat. My stomach doesn't - it's just in my head. Stick with it and when you see the results week after week it will motivate you. Look on the forum at some of the successes and it will help you stay focused. Good luck
  13. Lisa Claire

    Lisa Claire Full Member

    Hi Jaynie, just wondering how you get on last night, did you manage to stay on the straight and narrow?

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