WTG Louisa!!!!
Fantastic result so far .... good luck with next week!
wow - you must be so pleased for yourself - well done!
That is just fan bloody tastic you must be thrilled!!!! You're almost at your first goal already!! Just 6 pounds more to go!! You'll be skinny in no time honey!!!!!
Blink of an eye m8 and you will be there!!

It really starts to become fun from here on in!! Get your clothes budget ready

well done honey

really proud of ya!!

heres to another great week of ss-ing!!!!;)

we will get there and will be so skinny for the wedding hon!!

well done you
hugs Lou XXX
well done you must be soooooo chuffed xx
Thats so great LOuisa, you must be thrilled. It must really be showing now-fantastic! Love
WOW !! well done you - that is great :D
Well done Louisa, :D that's really fab keep it up cause you know you can do it now and know that this diet really really works