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Had a great day today!!!!


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Hello all,

I thought I was post a happy post rather than just posting when I am down.
I am very pleased to say I have had a great day today. Not what I did or anything but beacuse I didnt feel hungry or want food ALL day!!! Despite things in my life being all over the place, I felt on top of the world!! I dont know if I was busy out and abut, doing my assignment (now finished yay!!) or the encouraging posts yesterday and this morning, or that I am just over the worst of it, I dont know, but I really and truely hope it continues to the bitter end. It is day 9 today and I am so proud of getting this far, thank you to everyone that helped me through the really tough times, and I hope I can do the same for anyone else struggling.

And, and, and I walked past a mirror today (normally try and avoid that!), and I was gob stacked about the weight that I noticed I had lost, it is really starting to show, so fingers crossed it is a good weigh in on Wed, especially as I have been a very good girl this week!!:D
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Fantastic Liz, delighted to hear all is going well for you.:):bliss::angel09:

:7834: Keep taking the fuel


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Well done. I had a good day too. Great feeling isn't it x


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I am well fuelled up today lol.

It is a wonderful feeling, I wish I could bottle it!


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lol, yeah then we could have a drink on the really crappy days x


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ahhhh liz i am so happy to hear that. and so glad you didnt hive up...pat on the back for you :D
Great job liz

Thats fantastic liz . Delighted to hear you had a good day and are feeling much better. Well done on hanging in there . That determination will get you to goal :D:D:D.....Onwards and downwards and keep talking on this site . It has got me through so many bad days.


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Well done Liz :) Great to see you had a good day and fab getting your assignment done. Got my fingers crossed for you for ur WI on Wednesday.

Donna xxx
As my OH said, "What drugs do they put in the shakes????" He keeps commenting on how happy and energised I have been since day 3 !!!!


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I too wander what miracle is inside the shakes, hope it lasts!!! Cannot wait until WI tomorrow. I have scales in my room at work and it has taken everything I have got not to have a sneeky peak at how much I have lost!!! But I will wait til tomorrow, my reward for doing so well!!!
Sounds like your week has really turned around Liz. That is great. I really hope your reward is good tomorrow.


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