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Had to phone Lipotrim

Hi everyone, I do love this diet.

Not only is my totm going crazy and having a party at my expense lol....:p:p

But I still have the runs which are still making me run rapidly:D:D:D:D

So after talking to chemist when had weigh in I bit the bullet and phoned.

They advised taking imodium right now and cos you can't stay on them forever.
Either try fibregel - green or go to health food shop and ask for phyllsioum husk.

They say the fibregel can work either to make you go or if going too much can help to block everything up.

I'm off to the health food shop anyway to get the husk.

Hope this helps anyone suffering from the same problem. It's quite common and she asked if i'd ever suffered from IBS - which I had several years ago and she thought that maybe the shakes were abit hard on a tender tum.

I'm already starting to feel a bit better.
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glad you bit the bullet and phoned them and they helped you hope it all stops for you soon xxxx
Im a mixure of things.. one minute constipated the next the opposite.. sometimes both at the same time lol
too much info lol sorry
hi, i was on TFR for five weeks, three of them i had the run's.... really not funny...

I said to my chemist first week..'you have a tummy bug' take imodium

Second week rang lipotrim...'you have a tummy bug' take imodium... i stated that i had done....they said take upto 8 per day..

Third week..no better..

So i stopped TFR...which i did'nt want to but i did'nt want to end up with IBS..

Im not knocking lipotrim, this product is the best thing ever to happen to me, but it just did'nt suit me....

Im now on maintance and its working ok
I quite often get hard poo & watery poo both at the same time :eek:
I know its way too much info.
:silly::sign0137::sign0137::sign0137: Sorry I LOVES these icons I do


a new way of living!
a friend of mine (not on LT) takes upto 18 a day!! she has to wear a 'plug' all day to stop her going. mind you she did damage her bowel in a car accident.

the doc offered a colostomy but she didn't want one, i have to say faced with 18 immodium and a butt plug or a colostomy i think i would go for the op - just horrible otherwise!:eek:

sorry a little o/t

hope you feel better soon.


Always welcome new m8's!
I was scared cos i have IBS but other than the odd one were i feel like im giving birth i have been ok. I take Fibre Clear when im feeling like i got a brick in there but im good otherwise.

Sorry if graphic but im in a jokey mood:D
Hope you feel better soon and well done to LT for being so supportive on the phone, don't you wish all helplines were the same!

constant 'running' and watery loss can indicate a lactose intolerance too....

you should maybe try lactose free products - if available on Lipotrim? :)

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