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Hair loss???

Hi all

I knew there would be hair loss on this programme and I have been expecting it and it has now started. Everytime I run my fingers through my hair, a few come out on my hands. There was a little pile by the chair I was sitting on this morning.

I am a bit concerned as I have 6 stone to go and therefore 5 or 6 months to go on the diet. I am a bit concerned about what my head will look like after another 6 months of the kind of loss I've had in the last couple of days...

Has anyone out there been on the diet for 7-9 months and can say what the end result is? Most people seem to be done quicker and it is the length of time to go that concerns me.

I know it will grow back - I am not worried about that.
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has started again!!
I have been on LL since Feb, and my hair loss is quite noticable, but not to others, apparently! It is particularly bad in the shower, and around my dressing table chair! I have a pale carpet in my bedroom, and very dark hair!!

My hairdresser said its perfectly ok, and as my hair is thick, will not be am embarrasment to me!! I too ownder what the next few months will bring, as I have at least another 3 months on the programme.
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Hi I have been on LL since Jan - my hair started falling out once I went into management? So not sure if that is normal - I have really thin fine hair, so for me it was quite noticeable, looked a bit of a mess to be honest, not bald just thin & limp & a mess!
I'm shedding too and though it's worrying it isn't noticeable in terms of how my hair looks - I just hate to see it when I wash my hair in the mornings!!

From what I have read about VCLDs in the LL magazines, on the internet and in other publications it seems that the hair loss coincides with resuming a more appropriate calorie intake.

This is due to the fact that the body conserves energy during the low calorie phase by stopping all non-essential 'functions' like hair growth and heating the extremities (cold hands and feet anyone?).

When 'normal rations' are resumed (or we cheat) the body thinks that the famine is over and resumes business as usual - including new hair growth and when this begins again the old hair has to go (this is only the hair that we would have shed if we had been eating normally - albeit it more gradually).

What I have found is that my hair sheds after I cheat!!!! It's the old LL payback - cheat and you go bald :eek:.

But seriously, I have compared notes with other group members and all have found that the hair loss begins when they begin in ingest additional calories.

So we have two choices - stick at SS right to the end, keeping the hair and then lose it all in one go or 'cheat' and lose it gradually :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it good to have a choice isn't it?!
I didn't shed any extra hair until week 5 of management - I'm on week 12 now and it's getting less noticeable. It doesn't bother me much - just would rather not have to do extra hoovering as it sticks to the carpet. I'm as bad as the dog! I'm sure you won't shed at the same rate for longer than a few weeks.
In Feb this year, I did 4 days on CD before giving up... even after 4 days my hair fell out quite dramatically. I say dramatically because I have hardly any hair anyway and its very very thin & fine!
I am desperately worried about what will happen when I finish 100 days on LL, especially as my wedding will then be 6 weeks away.
Sometimes I think I'd rather stay fat for my wedding if it means I'll still have hair :(

Mrs Lard

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Hello Everyone

I'd like to thank you for this post; I found it really...timely. My hair has also started to fall out and yes, it DID co-incide with being less than 100% abstinent. Fatpossum - your post on this was invaluable.

Sadly, I notice that this slower hairgrowth does not apply to legs!! Ha ha!

Take care.

Mrs L (with thin hair!)
shame you cant transfer hair from legs (def NOT other areas lol!!) to head as mine is fine anyway! FP is right - body goes into emergency mde until you eat again & then takes a deep breath & lets go so hair falls out but does regrow! I've warned people about this but for me would rather be a bit thinner (in all ways!!) for a while than fat! Could always get a wig!

I'm now really worried about losing my hair - does this happen to everyone? If so, is there any way to stop it? I have some 'Skin, hair and nails' tablets in the cupboard; does anyone know if it's OK to take these? :sigh:




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Everyone in my group has had their hair falling out, we have been doing LL for 5 months, the lady who is having the biggest problem has never cheated. Our counsellor said that yes it can be caused by eating again as well as by the weather getting hotter (fat chance!) or simply that after a few months of the diet normality resumes and our hair starts growing again which in turn means the older hair starts shedding. From what she has said it does sound like a temporary phase and my hair loss has definately slowed down now. From the experience of our group I would say that most people have only had this happening for about a month so don't worry.

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