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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by L.i.n.d.a, 21 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    Hi folks millionth rejoin of sw last week weighing heaviest ever 20 st 1.5 lb .
    This week first weigh in and I lost 2.5 lb so now I am 19.13.
    Could've been better if hadn't used 120 flexible syns but hey ho.
    Is there ANYBODY else with similar long term goal???
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  3. haileyhaiz

    haileyhaiz Full Member


    A loss is a loss no matter how big or small! Well done!
  4. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    Indeed long journey ahead though... :)
  5. Samantha26

    Samantha26 Silver Member

    I started off not far from your weight, I'm down to 11st and a comfortable size 12 now so persevere. It's only taken me to now to realise that it's a life change not a diet, my whole attitude towards food has changed and I'm finally enjoying trying new recipes and food I never thought I would eat :)
  6. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    I completely agree is a life change but I have wasted all my life getting fatter .. I'm no spring chicken at 42...you're in your twenties ? I would love to have done this then...very well done you... Have u before n after pics ... Success stories inspire me.. Why I read and re read the sw mags
  7. Samantha26

    Samantha26 Silver Member

    Hi Linda, I'm in my early 30s but like u I feel I've wasted the best years of my life being overweight, at times I get quite angry with myself for allowing this to happen but I'm determined I will never go back there. I've booked a holiday this summer with all the girls and for once I won't be the 'fat friend', and on a mission to lose another stone before I go :)

    There's a few photos but to be honest i'm so embarrassed by them I have them all put away. There's one photo in particular that really haunts me, that's when I first decided to do something about it, best decision I've ever made :)
  8. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Full Member

    What is important is that you have started again, would have been easier not to and just keep gaining so don't be too hard on yourself and well done. :)
  9. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Linda - there's another board on this forum for people with more than the average amount to lose - it's called the WEMITTs - the We Mean It This Times :D

    People like us - with a long, long way to go on our weight loss do have some issues that are different from say, someone who wants to lose a stone or two. The SW board is incredibly helpful and supportive, but don't restrict yourself to it - come and join in on the WEMITTs as well :wavey:
  10. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    Samantha that's great... And silly as it may sound to others .. great that you have gal pals to go on hols with .. I allowed my weight to stop me getting gal pals through self hatred n loathing.. I turn folk away .Developed over a lifetime.. I won't bore you with details but my previous posts n threads explain more... Am sure you can lose your stone n have a life changing time. :)
  11. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    Lemon n lime I've restarted more times then it rains in uk... Let's see what will happen.. Good luck in your journey too :)
  12. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    Theria I'm on a phone which might make it diff to find the thread but I will look for it.. As much help as can get is always welcome :) thanks
  13. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    You can find it here : A LOT of weight to lose? Then join the WeMITTS
  14. Daisydolly

    Daisydolly Full Member

    Hey I only lost 3lbs in my first week last week and I was gutted as I was expecting a lot more as usually you get a big loss on first week but trying not to get caught up about it! X
  15. lardylady

    lardylady Gold Member

    At my heaviest, I weighed 20st 5lb, and managed to lose a couple of stone before joining SW for the last time(I must have joined and rejoined about 30 times!!) If I can do it, anyone can. Don't waste time on the past- just concentrate on the here and now. Oh, and I 'only' lost 2lb in my first week!!
  16. rootsfran

    rootsfran Full Member

    I only lost 1lb in my first week, good luck Linda it really is worth sticking to.
  17. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    Thank you lar and roots .. I hope so an well done both of you :)
  18. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    I saw a great motivational quote the other day.....
    It said
    No matter how many times you visit the past, there will never be anything new to see.

    It really rung a bell with me.
    So don't look back, you can't can't change how many times you have you have joined a dieting group ( I've lost count !!) or how much you have lost and regained. Concentrate on today and take each minute as it comes....and remember as each minute passes, that becomes the past....

    good luck....
  19. Daisydolly

    Daisydolly Full Member

    Fab lentil2!!! Think we all dwell on the past too much!! X
  20. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    Thanks Len... Love those words .. I've a long way to go but my past has many sliding door moments where things could have changed at so many different points.. I'm complicated ;-) good luck you too x

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