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Half term mini challenge 8 days of 100% days

Hey minis..
It's me again :wavey:

Right then as it's half term I'm setting myself a mini challenge of being 100% starting today Sunday 20th Feb till Sunday 27th Feb

I've been basically a waste of space losing the same pounds over and over again... Luckily im still the same weight so hopefully lose new pounds :D fingers crossed.. Kids are off school and need all the motivation with planned days out and eating out ... Still gonna enjoy myself with my lovelys but food wise I need to behave and make good choices...

So here's to day one ...wish me luck :rolleyes:

If. Wanna join just come back and tell the world. Have had a 100 % day woohooooo

Good luck to me and anyone else that needs it

Precious x
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I'm joining you Precious;)

We'll have a good week, fingers crossed :)

Hey aline welcome hunny... Thanks for the support x

Sunday 20th - woohooooo 100% day completed

Monday 21st -

So far not a bad day will be back for my woohooo later lol

Well done Precious;)

Yesterday I had a 100% day:)

Today...Well I ate two scones for breakfast but everything else was healthy and the cals at the end were right, so I consider 100% day as well :p
well done aline fab chick keep going...

let myslef down :-(

tuesday - bad bad bad

today wednesday - bad bad bad..

it is ever so hard when u have family visiting and they take u out and its hard to say no to all the bad stuff andeven harder when they are stayin with u a couple of days...arghhhhhh

oh well.. they have gone thank the good lord (in a nice way lol))

thursday will be straught back into it...
Oh hun, I understand that. I hope you had a great time eith your family to compensate the cheat days.

Tuesday - 100% ;)

Wednesday - bad day :(

Tomorrow we'll be back on track ;)

Thank u aline had a fab time with my family but am so far on track today.. Cooking tea in the eve is the hardest part but I will get thru it...

Hope ur day is going well so far hunny...

Will be back later and it will be a 100% day no matter what even if a treat decides to appear from somewhere lol... I wish!
100% Thursday fr me as well ;)

Well done Precious for cooking tea withour problems :)
By the way, I just looked at your stats and you did an amazing job!!! 70 lbs loss is a great;)
You're almost at your goal!

Hey aline well done for a 100% day too isn't it just a fab feeling.. I'm gonna do just that today too...

Aww thank u it's been a long journey started in 2007 and can see the light at the end of the tunnel... Im aiming to lose 1.5 stones and hopefully maintain...

Are you losing or maintaining?

Have a fab day x
Friday - 100% day completed...

I'm so proud of myself made home made bread which was for my sandwhiches for lunch and also baked a chocolate Victorian sponge smothered with chocolate icing..for the family as a treat... I haven't had any..

I'm ready for Saturday now...

Was definately a struggle today as we stayed in.. And tried to keep busy even if that was baking and had yummy food around me lol...
Well done Precious :)
I love home made bread;) You have a great willpower for cooking chocolate yumminess and don't eat it.

I'm mostly mantaining, I'm petite and very small/narrow framed, so I could lose a few pounds but if I don't I won't suffer:p I walk almost everyday, I run and go to gym sometimes, I (try to) eat healthy, so if my body wants to settle at this weight (107lbs for 5'2ft) I won't force me into extreme diets or extreme workouts.

My main goal is to be consistent with healthy eating and exercise :)

Friday - 100% day for me too ;)

My main challange is weekend, let's see how it goes
Well done Hun for maintaining I can't wait to get to that stage it's been a loooong journey losing weight but I'll get there ...your doing ever so well and wish I'll be like you too when I'm at that stage... Your new hairstyle is fab Hun exactly like mine... Last summer I wanted a change with hair style t celebrate my weight loss (am 2stone lighter since then) and went for the look u have gone for and I still have it now and love love love it.. Good choice Hun...suits u very much...

Right now today's food lol... As m son is goin away to a trip with his school n Monday till thursday we decided to eat out and this evening he fancied a curry take awayso we had that..

So that means not 100% today..not even near...

But straight back into it tomm..half term is well and truly over as kids go back school Monday so all in all I'm very pleased hopefully come Monday wi I would at least sts...

Thank u ever so much for ur support aline your truly amazing..will be back tomm for my final 100% for this mini challenge.. Thank u my lovely again..x x
Oh precious, you're a such a sweet person :) I love my new fringe, I bet I'll have it for the next months as well.

Slow and steady wins the race, so no worries if you STS, the important is avoid weight gain, so take your time during your weight loss, you'll get there anyway :p Plus, you also deserve some nice meals with your family.
Having kids tends to equal a busy house and you keep losing regardless the stressing factors around you, so you need to be proud of your journey. I'm sure you'll miss your lovely son from monday to thursday but you can also use that time to rest and take care of yourself:)

As as told you, weekends are my bad days and today I ate chinese food and cookies, so I didn't met the 100% challange, but if we behave most days it won't hurt;) They say we can eat healthy 80-90% of the time, so I had my 10-20% of diet cheating today. Sure it was enough for a few days of cheating, so I may behave next days as well, hehe.

Aww thank u I feel so much better already do feel guilty wen I have bad stuff but it's difficult dieting in front of the kids... But I your right a few good days with on o two bad days won't hurt I know I'll will g straight back into it tomm..

Chinese is my other weakness lol.. Hope u enjoyed it I know.I Would have lol...I love my food but im learning a bit of everything in moderation is the way forward..

Have a fab day and yes ur new hairstyle. Will most likel have for many more months.. It's such a hot look still... I love mine so much lol..

Here's to 100% day tomm...

Precious x

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