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hands up if you turn BRIGHT red/pink/purple when you exercise

Hello everybody,

Just wondering whether anybody else is plagued by the embarrassment of going BRIGHT red/pink/purple when they exercise...

It doesn't matter if I'm exercising for 10minutes or an hour this happens, >Embarrased< and it makes me not exercise in public a lot of the time.

The Dr's say its genetic and there is nothing they can do but I wondered whether anybody has found any successful ways to reduce/manage this?

Thanks for listening x
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Les Mills Fitness Freak
i dont get red in the face, a little flushed but nit full blown red faced.
my legs and arms however, bright red. it dosent bother me so much though, most people do get red and flushed during exercise :)

dont worry about it, no one is going to be staring at you because of it. when your in the gym working out they tend to concentrate on themselves not others :)
Hi Rainstar, at last someone who has the same problem as me. I go so red after about 7 minutes and also really sweaty. I've just decided to ignore it, drink loads as I work out and take a towel!! The instructor says it's simply my body's way of showing it's working hard.
My hand is most definitely in the air. I always go bright red and always have done. My skin tone is naturally very pale and I have always blushed very very easily (much to my dismay!) I've always figured going bright red when I exercise is connected to the blushing because it doesn't matter how easy or hard the workout is I go a really unattractive colour. I've taken to just ignoring it and figuring that what does it matter as long as I am making the effort to exercise :D
I'm just curious if this is a hydration problem for you... do you sweat a lot as soon as you begin to turn red?
I do indeed sweat a lot. I go red very quickly when I begin to exercise, even if I don't feel like i'm working that hard

It's comforting to know I'm not the only one wih this problem. Hope I can find a way to find peace with it so I can get on and exercise

I go pasty pale. Rather an unattractive colour but frankly I don't give a sh*t. Im there to work and I work hard - I respect those who try and I reckon most people think the same. Im always saying as we pass runners etc.., good on em, hope they get a PB and so on.

You dont say what exercise you do or where. But can you make a cold compress, ice pack or something to wear round your neck say to help keep you cool?


Les Mills Fitness Freak
i have gone a funny green colour before too....
I go bright red and sweat heavily too, i always have done, I think I'm pretty fit as well. I just ignore it, at least I know I'm
working hard enough. It lasts for a little while after exercise so I just have to cool down and slap some foundation on. Good to know I'm not the only one, and I blush at everything too, that bugs me no end especially when people point it out x
yep I also have the red gene and occasionally the purple one too. I just make sure I'm really well hydrated and carry on drinking loads once the class/gym is over, it doesn't stop me going red in the first place but it dues dye down a bit quicker.

Also just remember that it is only you that cares what colour you have turned, don't let it put you off exercising in public, 90% of people are in the same boat :)

Malibu xx

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