Happy Birthday Coley!!!


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Have some fun today, hun....it is your birthday after all!!:D :D
Oh Yes Coley have a good one.

Treat yourself to say......
.....a Orange CD bar or something!

It not that special birthday is it?

Dizzy x
Hello hello!! awwwwwww thanks guys!! I am currently skiving my lecture. Bad me!! It's my 21st so I've decided I'm allowed. Off to Borders to go stick my nose in some interesting books and have some coffee!!

Clients tonight and then the bf, who is skating on thin ice at the moment (grr) is coming around!

Oh how awful....I'm all shaken up!!

Went to Borders - not open yet it's just a new one...ok...so went to the shops to get cottage cheese etc. Bf's ex comes in the door....this is the one that wasn't willing to even meet me never mind talk to me but she still wanted to steal Gavin off at least once a week to go and do cinema plans!? so horribly shaken seeing her in person cause I never had before...very thin, but such a horrible little pointy turny up nose (I'm such a *****, she can't help her nose) , I go to buy my stuff and get asked for ID!! I never got asked for ID even when I was 15! and then I go out of the shop only to get a bunch of boys in a car shout abuse at me!!!
all the things you can think of....slag, fat cow....and something or other a about Deardrie? (sp?) my hair is curly today so I think that might have something to do with it......and now Gavins car is broken down in Glasgow which means I might be all alone tonight!! waaaaah!!! This day really isn't going to plan:(
Thats awful!

I can gurantee that they are not representative of the male population.

Relax, take a few breaths and make the most of the rest of the day. Its not going your way, but hopefully you can change that around!

Thanks Pierce, I know you lot aren't all bad!!:) not you anyway! Was just such a shock! I've never had abuse shouted at me....even when I was a lot bigger.

If I had reacted quicker I would have kicked their car with my trainers!! but I was all shaken up from eyeballing my nemisis (how very dramatic), have just spoken to Gavin and he agrees about the funny nose which pleased me in my evil bitchy way.:)
Ah bless ya Nicole! How horrid! And on your birthday as well!!

Little Sh*tes!!

Hope the rest of your day gets better hun!!

Birthday hugs to you!!

Lotsa love,
little bastards!

Oh poppet!
They Just wanting something to fill their pointless time with, dont worry, you know yourself you look good. (peeps this girl is a stunna!!)
They were just trying to wind you up, dont give it another thought theyre not worth it!

Aww about the ex pffft she aint got nufink on you :p must have been a shock to see her. Least gavin agrees about the hooter lol

Getting asked for id is a compliment my sweet! Revel in the moment I do!! :cool: lol

Hope you arent gonna spend your birthday all alone :( tell gavin to hurry and get it sorted!!!:D

Happy Birthday hun,

Hope your bf manages to get back home for you this evening :)

What a day! (((hugs))) Are you sure she wasn't in fancy dress ready for tomorrow, with the pointy turn up nose! ;)

Love Kitty xxx
Just in-between clients!

Thanks Bex - evil boys!! :mad::mad:
Debby-doo!! - I think there are ants on my birthday cake there....they're all black!! ;) pretty piccie though!! thanks hun!

KittyB - he's had to hire a van! they had no cars or something....so goodness knows when he'll be appearing! The ex was not in fancy dress....she was in one of these jersey dresses with a black belt, black boots and tights and her nose was all her own....at least my nose is normal shaped....a bit podgy...but normal, maybe I'll lose part of the last stone from my nose? that'd be good.:D

Sharon - muchos ta...I shall soldier on! Have 1 more client tonight and then thats me done! woo!!:rolleyes:
Happy birthday from me too!

Enjoy your evening and what is left of your birthday.
Last client has just gone......such a lovely woman and doing so well! My clients never cease to cheer me up!! :D

I am now officially 21....I just got used to saying I was 20 as well!! :mad:

Floppy-doppy-doo!!! - thank you! I shall chill now....:)

10st size 10 - I will get back posting on the mission thread soon!! just a bit busy replying to other threads! hope to see you there! xx

Isis - thank you...you got onto Firebox yet? drafted your solicitors letter? ;)