Happy Birthday Summerskye!


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Happy Birthday Sharon! xx


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Happy Birthday! :D

Looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham!

Jem x


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Happy Birthday Sista!!!!! Enjoy The Ivy..:D:D:D


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Thanks for all your lovely birthday wishes xxx

I did have a really lovely day - and I suppose I was rather spoilt a bit :eek: (details on my diary for those who can access the Gold Members section :)).

Of course the only downside is that each birthday is one year closer to drawing my pension! Only 8 years to go now!! :eek::eek::eek:

Purple Hugs

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Glad you had a lovely day. :)
You will be the best looking pensioner on the bus ;) no fear! :p


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Happy belated birthday Sharon. You're lookin' good...enough of this talk of pensions.......enjoy the moment!