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*** Happy Valentines Day - Sunday Daily Thread***


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Hi guys - I thought I'd start the daily today cos I haven't done it in years...

I hope everyone is having a happy Valentines day :heartpump: If you're single, remember no one should love you as much as you love yourself!

Today is the first day of my restart - I went away for a week and then couldn't find the motivation to start again ... But I went to see my amazing CDC and read a few threads on here and I'm all fired up. My graduation ball is in June and I've seen the perfect dress. It goes up to a size 22 but I would be amazing if I could get one in a (much) smaller size. I don't think it would look great in a 22...

Have a FABULOUS day everyone :)
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Morning Chika, and everyone who follows!

I'm ignoring the fact that it's Valentine's Day today and trying to not be bitter about it! lol Thankfully both of my housemates are single, so I'm not going to be surrounded by lovely dovey sickening pass me the bucket kind of stuff. So hopefully I can just act like it's a normal day, well, it is for me.

I'm sure if you manage to stick with CD you'll be looking amazing by June, and fitting a much smaller size! I graduate this year too and like you, I don't want to be my current 18/20 for it. Here's hoping we both look fab by graduation! :)


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Fingers crossed. This is totally vain Caroline but those gowns you have to wear must add about five stones anyway so heres hoping I look normal in the graduation pictures. I can't wait!

This is the first Vday that I've been single on for ages. I've had a couple of texts and a card but nothing major. I only have one housemate who has a partner but the rest of us are all single which helps too. i think I'll do best to stay in today and avoid the luvvie duvvie stuff.


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You and me both then! A couple of texts and a card is nice though :)

I know what you mean about the gowns, that's my exact thinking! I don't want to have to wear them and people be thinking I'm the marquee!


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Got to say that there's no ignoring Valentines and love & romance around here today - we've all been to Mass this morning where there was a special welcoming for couples who have chosen to get married in our Church (my son and his fiancee are getting married there in November), following the Mass there was a meeting for the couples and their familes in the club while the Priest went through all the details ---- then we've come home and our youngest son (who's 16) and his girlfriend are all lovely dovey .... so yep romance is alive and well here!

Luckily I got a gorgeous card from hubby so I'm def not feeling left out lol


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Morning girls. Well my day got off to a brilliant start. I decided to go to Tesco's to get all the boring shopping (loo roll, bleach etc) and ended up spending the whole time dodging my ex's mother. Happy Valentines Day indeed. I haven't seen her since we broke up and I have no idea what he's told her about why we split (all his doing btw) so I really didn't want to have to stand and chat to her. I made it all the way out of the shop only to bump into her putting my trolley back, doh.

All she kept saying was 'It's a shame you two couldn't work things out!' I told her I couldn't stop and chat and now I feel bad. On the plus side she did say I looked fab, so it wasn't all bad!!

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Happy love day ladies!! I've no interest in this "holiday" but it's good to wish others well :)

Chika you're right you should love yourself...I gotta say I heart me :D Even with my (disappearing) chub! I'm having a very typical lazy sunday. Most of my friends have dates today and my flatmate all loved up with his fella. I declined an offer of a date in favour of reading a book and playing my ds!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend


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Happy Valentines Day :) another single one for me too, but I did get a card and a bottle of wine from my 8 month old son, its amazing what kids can do at a young age these days! LOL. Just got to make sure I drink it before Tuesday as thats when I start CD :) xx


please try again
happy valentines day everyone

well i got bugger all, good job i bought a dvd i wanted to see for us to watch tonight

been to see my mum today, she seemed in great spirits until she got tired and then she became violent am sure me and my baby sis will have some bruises tomorrow. she was fine once we had got her into her bed thou

i had taken a cd bar with me so alls well on that front

i did get those two chocolates for valentines day ( what was i thinking! ) so now have to sit with them munching away on them