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Harcombe may be the answer


Like many of you, I've tried lots of weight loss tactics/diets i.e. low calorie, low fat & Slimming World. I’ve also kept quite fit (football, 5 mile runs, weights, surfing, circuits and high intensity training, but despite my efforts, my weight has increased over the years.

I’ve watched people do little to no work in the gym yet they look fitter than me! How do they do it? It’s interesting that with men, one won’t get be honest as to how they do it. Where with women you’ll generally get a straight answer.

With many of the diets, they won’t give you the science, it’s eat this and do that. So its difficult to stick to it because there is no basis to it. What’s the answer?

So step forward Zoe Harcombe. I saw her briefly on the BBC where she was discussing her book the ‘Obesity Epidemic.’ She seemed to make sense, so I have bought it and am now half way throught it. The key areas of the book that have grabbed me so far include:

Food intolerences
The floored studies regarding fat & cholestrol.
Sugar & flour
The basis of the ‘5 a day’ brand.

Wow the explainations make perfect sense, we crave food because we are probably intolerant to them and some make a mess of our deigestive system. Fat & Chlolestrol are actually good for you and wrongly demonised. Moreover, almost half our diet consists of sugar and flour. The 5 day brand is purely based around a marketing initiative as opposed to nutrional evidence and finally transfats are man made, used as a filler and are not recognised by the digestive system.

So on this basis I’m going to try and embrace The Harcombe philosophy.
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Prior to Harcombe

Lost 3 lbs pounds last week on calorie controlled diet. Unfortunately, I had a big weekend ending with 2 large beers and a kebab on the Sunday. Ended losing 1.4 lbs.

Monday 24th October 2011 Phase 1. First day.

Weight 12 stone 9 pounds
Inches: Chest 41
Waist at thinnest 36
Waist at fatest 41

Brunch: Omelette: 3 large eggs, 2 bacon, garlic, oregano, cherry toms, olive oil
Dinner: 3 chicken thighs with spice, big salad, ( cherry toms, cucumber, pepper, red onion, mixed lettuce).
½ Yeo Proabitic Yoghurt
Loads of water & 2 cups of green tea

Went to the gym for some light weight training and aerobic training. Didn’t feel hungry at dinner 7 hours after the omelette.

Tuesday 25th October

12 stone 6.5 pounds Loss: 2.5 llbs wow!
Getting hungry by 10’o clock.
Brunch: Ommlette, ham, cheery toms, garlic, oregano
½ Yoghurt Yeo Proabitic
Dinner: 4 Slices of cut ham & Salamon Salad
½ Yoghurt
Loads of water throught day plus 3 green teas

Light aerobic exercise

Mouth felt dry in the morning, no other effects. I think water staves off the headaches & BB

Wednesday 26th October

12 stone 6 llbs Loss 0.5llb
½ yoghurt
1 green tea
2 bacon and plain ommelette plus toms
½ yoghurt
Meatballs, mozerella, Garlic, Tin of tomatoes,chilli, onion
I eat too much last night and went a bit overboard.

Went to the gym for light weight training and aerobic exercise. I’m being careful not to over do it as this is a detox week.

Thursday 27 October 2011

Weight 12 stone 6 wavering to 4llb Loss 0llbs Boo!
However inch loss since Monday morning:
Chest 39.5 Loss 1.5 inches
Waist at thinnest 35 Loss 1 inch
Waist at fatest 40 Loss 1 inch Hurray!
I'm reasonably happy so far. I've lost 3 pounds in three days and 3 inches of my waist and chest. Incredibly, I have had no craving for achohol, yet I tend to drink everyday as a rule.

I went round the supermarket last night and was astounded to find that sugar is in almost everything even meat! I thought if you took all of the products with a sugar additive: the shelves would be practically empty.

Bif baf bof ! : this is why we have an obesity problem in this country! We have a sugar led food industry !
Well done so far, the first 3 days are supposedly the hardest (although I've found later days to prove more challenging).

I know what you mean about sugar in everything. Roast chicken has brown sugar and dextrose in it. Of all the packets of ham in the shops, 99% of them have got sugar in some form or another. Its so hard to avoid.

Thanks for your support G. I think I will stick it out (except tomorrow night: cheat night!). I believe in the philosophy and the findings.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the Obesity book this weekend.
Friday 28 October 2011

Weight 12 stone 6 pounds Loss 0lbs Boo!
No a happy bunny! Plus I’ve read green tea has cafeine in it, I’m also concerned about the full fat yoghurt, I’ve eaten quite a lot of it.
Good thing is I’ve kept of the booze 4 days which I haven’t managed to do since Jan 2008!

I’m away for the weekend so am bound to add back a lb or 2. I may do Phase 1 again starting Monday as I didn’t stick to the no caffeine rule ( accidently).

Generally I do feel positive about this diet.

12 stone 8.5 Gain of 2.5lbs

My weekend was a boozy takeaway affair, so not surpirsed by the gain. My waist is still 35 inches so not too bothered an know that it will come off as easy as it came on.

Brunch: Omelette with bacon and toms
Dinner :Basque Pork Stew from recipie book ( absolutely delicious with the orange)
Green tea
Glass of beer

I hurt my shoulder so couldn’t get to the gym: really annoying.

12 stone 7.5 Loss 1lb

Quite pleased really.

If I’m good today and can get back in the gym later I’m sure I’ll be back to 12 stone 6 last weeks best weight by tomorrow.

We could do with a few more posters on here!
Hello again

Absolutely chuffed with this diet philosophy!

I'm now down to a 34.5 inch waist from 36 and 41 inch chest down to 38. Fab!

Weight is now 12 stone 6.

Some people on here have kept going back to phase 1. No need phase 1 is mainly as a detox to set you up for phase 2 ( i.e. dampen the cravings). Its great to eat butter again, I gave it up for 10 years. What an idiot!

Walking around the supermarket is a different experience now, there is so much bad unhealthy food on sale; its criminal.
I kept the weight off for the first 5 weeks then December came along and the Xmas cheer has taken off. Will probably put in a stint for a week before Xmas. Haven't bought a loaf of bread, hardly eaten sugar or been to the gym. I def prefer this than SW, this diet is fairly simple although I can't eat porridge and bacon and eggs everyday.

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