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Hard to exercise

Hi people,

Hope you are all well.

I was just wandering, is anyone else finding it really hard to get the motivation going for exercise? I haven't done a single thing yet since I started 6 weeks ago. I really want to, it is just that my head isn't in the right place and so there is every excuse (not enough money to join a gym/ dont know which gym to join/ no-one to play squash with...). The exercise on the DVD doesn't really seem like it will really get your heart pumping. How are other people coping with this? I am just worried that, if I dont do sport, I wont tone up and won't keep the weight off once I am no longer eating the packets.

I'd appreciate any advice/ tips (and a squash/ tennis London-living partner!!!!)
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`Have you tried just walking (is there a park near you) for an hour a day? It really tones your legs and bum which is great ... and you get some fresh(?!!) air too!!
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I am planning (yes I know I need to make proper goals to make it work) on starting to use the strappy thing and the excercise ball. My plan is 15-30 mins every other night. I am thinking I can't argue with myself too much over 15 mins gentle stuff if I can't be bothered its not asking very much of myself. It always seems if you can make yourself start you actually enjoy it.

In addition to that I am planning to start using my excercise machine that has sat redundant for far too long, its an eliptical wotsit? anyhow, i am thinking 2 or 3 times a week building up to half hour sessions. However I also just want to be a bit more energetic in general. I am changing my work hours to have a wednesday off, so I am going to start and deliberately plan to do something energetic with my 2 yr old, and do something with her again at least once at a weekend.

Hopefully it will all add up!

In order to make it work, I am going to keep an exercise diary so I can see how much I have done, and I don't want to be to religeous about which days so, whenever I have done my exercise, i will 'book' myself in to my diary for the next session, so I am always planned one session ahead.

I think I will also get my pedometer out... in fact yes I WILL get my pedometer out!

I KNOW if I pay for gym membership it will be wasted as I went before and hated it.

I used to play tennis and loved it, but now I live too far away from my original tennis buddies and I have no one to play with lol.

Happy exercising!


Fuzzys Angel

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I'm on week 10 and still haven't exercised, mind you i do walk the wards alnight long (work in a hospital). Don't worry too much about the exercise, you'll do it when your ready....

It is a tricky business isn't it?? Mags, do you live in London? If you do, I would love to meet up and play tennis sometime. I think I am going to just have to come up with some kind of plan. I know I should be taking the stairs and not taking the escalators/lift, but its just too easy not too. It must begin though. I am going to say now that I am at least going to make an effort to be more generally active, even if real sport comes later, from tomorrow. Make sure you hold me to it!! Thank you, xx
Hi Jodie - I live in London (Maida Vale in fact!) and, fingers crossed, I should start LL this Saturday. I'm afraid the last time I played tennis was at school but I would give it a go (and have also been considering humiliating myself by trying to learn to rollerskate) and am definitely with you on trying to be more active so would be good to have someone nearby to get motivated with. I'll PM you my email address and maybe we can hatch a plan?



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Hia Jodie, have you been given a pedometer yet? If so, strap it on your waistband and monitor how many steps you take a day. It'll give you an idea of how active you are in your daily life and you could then slowly increase the number of steps over the weeks, to 10,000.

I walk up and down my stairs to raise the heart rate - ten minutes a day. Use the stretchy band for 5-10 mins a day (or as I do, during adverts). The kids are used to it now.

I can't be bothered with going to a gym. I always feel silly driving there to use the equipment when I can adapt what I've got a home for nothing.

Whatever you decide to do, please make sure that you enjoy doing it, and it is SUSTAINABLE and easily fitted into your routine.

Good luck.
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I'm about to start swimming with my daughter twice a week. We're going to the early morning sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Did not do any exercise before - so hoping this may tone me up.
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Unfortunately Jodie, I am many many many miles away from London!

Of course if you are ever visiting Bonny Scotland, maybe we could have a game or two!!

happy serving!

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I live between Aberdeen and Dundee AmandaJayne!

Nice to see a fellow scot, theres not many of us on here!

I'm nearer Aberdeen than Dundee but its just a wee village I am in and you won't have heard of it (Fordoun) I expect you won't have heard of it anyway!

Not sure how far apart we are travel wise, any idea?



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Ahh, alas I'm not a born Scot - I'm from Liverpool originally. However, I always knew that I would live up here one day.

When I was very young, I spent alot of time travelling round the west coast with my parents - that's when I fell in love with Scotland. So I'm home at last!

My hubby is working in Aberdeen at the moment, for a few months, until something comes up locally in the central area.
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is he commuting? If so he will drive past my village every day lol!



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Yes, poor lamb. He gets up at the crack of dawn on Monday to drive there and stays in 'serviced rooms', coming home Friday evening.

I've been to Stonehaven which I liked (is that near you). I didn't like Aberdeen though. Although, to be fair, it was a bad time for us. Hubby had been made redundant from his job and could only find something up there. We spent a few days looking for digs, and the kids were very young and sensed something was not right so they played us up! It rained the whole time, we got a parking ticket, hubby was ill, I couldn't wait to get home!

Having said all that, the beaches up on the east coast are stunning, arguably the most beautiful in Scotland?

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