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hardest day yet!!!

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
well done for making it through the day, your 1st big hurdle over with and u passed with flying colours!!


Here we go again!
Well done Lou for resisting the maltesers (how much do I love them). You did really well with all the cooking and choc to resist. Sounds like you had good day, good for you.


dancing queen ;)
yay, keeping it up...being a good, strong girl!congrats
well done...im not sure ill get through today..or this week...too much chocolate in the house
I know today was a hard day especially with everyone having a lovely dinner... I had chicken soup twice today for something savoury lol it was lovely :):):) yum...... thank god the day/weekend is nearly over... :):)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Well done you you star :D
bad day

Today has been the day from hell for me . I havnt eaten but god did I feel like it . Had to cook for the gang too and watch them eat easter eggs . I am just a bit overwhelmed this weekend . I was like a hen with an egg today I just didnt know what to do with myself . Have another week of holidays coming up ... wish they were back to school . Grumpy angry witch at mo....
Had a hard day here as well. Did a roast for all the family and sat there drinking my chicken soup. I was soo tempted but restrained.

Another day down........more to go.
Well done! I can't imagine what it's like cooking a whole meal for everyone without any for yourself! (Luckily my fiance is cooking his own meals) It's really fantastic that you resist so much!
well im glad i wernt the only 1 lol well done to all ov ya n hope u all had brilliant easter !!x
Think you can safely say we all pretty much have been tempted....i'm dreading my wi tomorrow after falling off the wagon, i'm proud of you all for being so strong!! keep going girls xx

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