Has anyone achieved anything like this?


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OK, aside from the fact its goin to be an unhealthy 23 days, does anyone think this is possible.....

22lbs in 22 days? Im SS and doing 4 hours exercise a day (shhhhh dont tell anyone) and want to lose at least 20 lbs.....ive had so much going on the last few months and have only just made necessary changes that have given myself a clear enough head to do this.....been doing it 9 days so far but just upped the exercise.....something very important is happening in 23 dayssss.....

Has anyone achieved anything like this loss- i know its a long shot!!

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Lard Arse

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I think it would slow your losses rather than increase them as if you're on SS and doing 4 hours exercise a day you're bound not to be getting enough calories and your body will go into starvation mode. Not sure what else this could do to you but I don't imagine you'll be feeling all to well. I personally wouldn't recommend it but if you've got your mind set on it good luck with it. Sorry to be so negative. xx


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It depends what you start weight is really? Have heard of people losing 17 lbs in their first week -- without exercise. How much have you lost in the first week/9 days? Make sure you drink plenty of water -- maybe go for 3-4 litres a day. Good luck. Can't wait to hear if it works


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Lard- i did wory about starvation mode but im goint to take the risk thank you for respoding though :)

Frances- Lost 7 pounds in the first week so fingers crossed! Thanks for the encouragement, not seen my oh for 3 months and i just want him to think i look nice haha, so i am giving it my best shot! Will up my water and pray to god it works lol!

Will keep you posted!xxxx


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Hi, I worry about the "starvation mode" thing. Won't we all be in starvation mode, without the exercise if we are SS. Isn't that why we have to slowly re-introduce "real" food again once we are near our target.

As I heard "In broad and wide averages "normal" people who eat about 2000 calories a day or need about 2000 calories a day enter into starvation mode around 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day."

Daisy_Duke you don't have much weight to lose from your ticker, if you want to exercise do a small amount - I think 4 hours a day for 22 on a VLCD - I think you might be ill before the 22 days are up.

I went through a stage as a teenager exercising for hours a day on 1,000 calories a day and that made me ill. To lose 1lb you need a 3,500 calorie deficit and on this diet although you may have a high BMR - I imagine your metalobic rate will slow down, as your body becomes more efficient, requiring fewer calories to perform.

I know you want to look your best when you see your OH, but it's not worth making yourself ill. If you cant keep up the 4 hours of exercise a day, after you have lost the weight, you may put on weight very quickly.

Obviously it's your body, but be careful & drink loads of water as you will lose alot through exercise.
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Percy greenfingers

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He's going to be super pleased to see you looking so trim, well done. 3-4lb a week is what I'm losing and I do slip a bit at the weekends and with the odd Rocky bar..I try and make up for the slips with long walks, nothing vigorous. My CDC said you'd have to skip for 26 hours to lose 5lb !!! Not sure it's worth it, although excercise is important for toning.
Good luck


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You might feel too poorly to enjoy your o/h if you keep up that amount of exercise on such few calories. I would ease up a bit, he will think you're gorgeous regardless. x x


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Haha perhaps he will, but perhaps he wont.....lets hope my body doesnt let me down....clearly no one has achieved this weight loss before lol errrr not looking good is it!

Oh well reach for the stars and all that marlarky! Thanks everyone for replying xxx


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My friend once lost 1lb a day for just over a month.... Until she was hospitalised and diagnosed with an eating disorder. I don't mean to sound blunt but her 'tactics' were very similar to yours. We didn't realise she had a problem as we saw her eating but she would spend hours exercising in her room at night. When we asked her about her weight loss she would always tell people that she'd been ill.

Since then we've spoken about it and she said she got obsessed with figuring out how many cals she'd eaten and making sure she'd burnt them off. Since you'll only be taking in around 500 cals a day (which can be burnt off in an hour on a cross trainer) by exercising for 4 hours I you'll be burning off well more than you'll be taking in.

I'm not trying to accuse you of purposefully trying to go down this path but I just want to make sure you realise how drastic your plan is. I think when we're on this diet where you often lose around a stone a month we forget that the norm on a more 'traditional' diet is more like 8lbs a month. We get a little spoiled!

Whatever you do just make sure you stay healthy. You're OH will think you're gorgeous whatever you weigh!


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I believe it is possible to lose 22lbs in 22 days, but you have only 34lbs to lose, so I think it will be very hard, but I am sure you can lose a stone & you never know you could lose 22lbs.


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i lost 19 pounds in two weeks when i first the diet

but i couldnt handle how quickly it was comming off

and you can excersize whilst you do this diet?! Im doing A levels and i can barely pick up a book, let alone read it im soooooooooo tired

you may gain weight, muscle and all that stuff
i wouldnt do it , work youself into exaustion and then some
depending on how heavy you are in your first month you could probably get off 20lbs without doing all the extras


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Awww thank you.....trust me, the exercise is NOT something i will get obsessed with....to say i bloody hate it would be an understatement....just reallly want him to think i look nice.

Thank you everyoneeee xxxx (ill cut down the exercise to 3 hours a day hehe)


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hey DD13
long time no see. how you been?
guess you are in the same boat as me???
take care and dont push yourself too hard...
pm if you want xxxxx


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Be careful hon. if you hate exercise that much and haven't really been doing any prior to this, suddenly exercising for four hours a day is likely to make you incredibly ill, dizzy, sick, passing out etc. if you'd been doing that much before doing cd it wouldn't be so bad, but since it doesn't sound like it i would keep it to an hour a day max, at least for a week until your body gets used to it, or you are going to be good for nothing. drink around four litres of water a day as a lot of what you lose will be water weight. and i would measure rather than weigh if you are exercising that much so you don't get disheartened. at the end of the day we push our bodies really hard doing cd. don't strain yourself too much. your OH won't thank you if he ends up looking after you all the time when he gets back because you've made yourself ill...

abz xx


I will get into that wedding dress!
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I think 4 hours a day is excessive and obsessive in anyones book!!
ESPECIALLY when only intaking 500 cals!!
you are goingt o make yourself seriously ill
and in all fairness you want your other half to think you look nice? how nice will he think you look from a hospital bed? or when your so weak you cant have fun with him?
and in all fairness if he makes a comment or is nasty about you weight no matter what you weigh then he needs dumping anyway!!!!!!