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Has anyone done the two shakes/one meal method?


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I know some have tried it on here but can't remember who? Tanya had tried it (I think) and there was someone else?
I was going to but stuck to the official re-feed and am now maintaining.

I'm asking because I'm going back on tfr in a month or so to try & get to target, but it's going to be harder this time as no-one will know. Last time my Mum and Hubby knew & supported me, but were over the moon when I came off it (didn't think it was healthy to 'starve' for so long etc. etc.) so I know they won't want me to return to it.

I was sort-of thinking if I did two shakes/one meal (low/no carb) I might get away with it easier? I was wondering if it'd affect my (hopeful!) losses by an awful lot? I'd be happy with 2-3lbs a week, but I was only getting that last time doing tfr? There would be days where I could stick to the three shakes (weekends & the odd day my Mum wasn;t at work) so it might only be 3-4 days out of 7? I don't know...Hmm...:confused:
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A friend of mine did it like that and lost quite a lot she was doing 2 or 3 lb a week and odd week more. No personal experience though sorry.


A little of everything!
Oh, that was good? So if I did end up doing it like that it shouldn't throw me off too much?
Hmm...food for thought....
Hi IrishMum,
I was actually thinking of doing the LT like that aswell. Im doing the TFR for next 2 weeks but after that Im back at college and moving into a new house so it will be hard to stay on just the 3 shakes. I thought if I could have a proper food meal for lunch/dinner then itd be more managable for where I am at the mo.
Id be happy with 2-3 lbs a week aswell til I reach target as after the second week I too seem to slow down to that anyway.
Sure cant hurt to give it a try, would be like doing the first day of refeed over and over :)

Missy xx


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We've about the same amount to lose? I think I'll play it by ear. If I can do 3 shakes/soup a day I will, if I have to 'eat' I'll have a low/no carb meal. Hopefully I'll be able to stick as much to tfr as I can, and get to goal quicker! LOL! I only have 3wks tfr and 1wk maintenence shakes, so I need to put my mind to it as best I can because I can't get any more shakes after that (my bmi is too low- Never thought that'd be the case!)


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Hey irish :)

I did this but only for a few days just simply because i knew i could eat food so i wanted more! Although i did manage to lose 7lbs doing it this way. I think aslong as you are very strict with yourself and eat like you say only when your mum is about etc you should be ok.

Why dont you just tell your husband? Tell him its only for 3 weeks then you will be off for good. :)


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He was getting really antsy about me being on it for so long (wasn't 100% it was healthy?) so I don't want him to think I'm getting obsessed with my weight, well, no more than I was anyway! LOL! He's the easy one as I eat at different times to him anyway (he works most evenings, so I eat after he leaves usually), my mum is the tricky one, but I think I'll be able to swing a low/no carb salad or soup at lunch (we work together) as thats what I'd normally have anyway?


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cool - well be wary of soup as i think it can be high in carbs. You are best sticking to lean meat/chicken/turkey and a small amount of salad/veg :) x


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'My' soup consists of blended steamed broccoli, or cauliflower- a stock cube, a little ss milk, black pepper & mixed herbs- so it'd cause minimal damage? I think? LOL!
But I prefer a salad in the middle of the day, I'll just have to research low carb veg for it!


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ahhhh heres me thinking you'd buy soup not make it :giggle:


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It's about the only thing I don't cremate! LOL! ALL my food is extremely well-done, no danger of food poisioning in my house!


A little of everything!
I have just joined this site I am on the mainteance diet didnt fancy the tfr have lost 1st 2lb in 3 weeks so it does work if your one meal is low GI
WOW!!! Thats brilliant!!! If I lost the half of that I'd be nearly at goal!! It's reassuring to know that I 'should' still lose! Thanks.:)
Hi i'v just done 6 days like that low fat low carbs coz of holiday and house move
not sure of weight loss yet WI tomorrow but home scales say a 2 lb loss back on 3 shakes from today

debz x
Hi on my second bout of LT i did it that way as i am always running about and never have a free moment so i had a shake in the morn and one at lunch but i had veg's and fish or chicken for dinner and i lost a lot but i didn't do carry on properly after so i put it all back on hope this helps x x
Hi Irish.

I liked the 2 shakes method. It worked for me to lose remainder weight (but I did like the shakes which helps!!).

I am still maintaining but after refeeding I had one or two returns to the 2 shakes method if I had overdone things one week.

It is like an emotional crutch really. It allows to to retrain your brain away from the famine/feast urge. I took maintainance real slow and didn't completely lose LT for about 6 months. It may be individual but 2 shakes just was my bridge until I was truly happy I was maintaining with a lower carb, lower fat and low sugar...

Let me know how you are getting on now!


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I think I will be carrying on with the shakes for a long while too. I have really missed them since being on re-feed. Not sure whether I am still in ketosis (on day 3, had a baked spud for tea, so wont be for long if I was!!), but I am just not that hungry! So once re-feed is done, about 2 weeks, I may do 2 shakes/ 1 meal a couple of days a week. Mon, Wed and Fri, I don't get a lot of time for lunch, will probably have 2 shakes those days. I so so love the shakes, it will take me along time to cut them out of my life completely.

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