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Has anyone else experienced this

Hi everyone this is weird but since doing this I seem to have lost my sense of smell. I haven't got a cold or anything and I have got a sneaky feeling that it might some kind of psychological protective response to stop me going crazy. My evil 13 year old son waved his delivery pizza under my nose last night but I could barely smell it thank god as it was close enough for me to give it a dam good licking. Also have you noticed that people seem to do nothing else but talk about food around you.
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Haven't noticed about the loss of smell...but have found once you mention your on 100%TFR everyone starts talking about food :mad: ...why do they insist on telling you about lovely receipes you could try ...do they not get the 100% TFR???? ~lol~ always makes me giggle x x x
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No loss of sense of smell here .. I insist on torturing myself by sniffing my OH's dinners and even his choc last night! :,(

Your so lucky smells and adds are 'talking to me' daily!

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Well done by the way on not snatching it off him and running to a corner to devour!

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Nope.. still sniffing everything lol...

I don't think people talk about food MORE..... I think we NOTICE it more lol.... At first i felt like everyone was eating in front of me on purpose!!!


I now use it as an extra victory won!!

'Your talking about food..... and i don't care'

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I think I am more immune to smells! Lol. I had to go get a client a take away last night and I stood in there thinking 'I'm really not too fussed right now!'

But people try and tease me all the time and whilst I don't care I find it very cheap and nasty. My Step-Dad last night was cooking as I made a green tea and he simply looked at me and said 'Mmmm, don't you miss this?' Rather blunty I replied 'Nope, it will all still be there when I've finished' and walked off! xxxx
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my smells the same but i find smell is enough. Like the smell feels like im eating it so my sense of smell has increased. But I dont mind... like they say itll still be there when im nice and slim! lol.


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Hiya Jenpig! Hope all's going well for you x Not to get all scientific but smell plays a big part in our sense of taste and, seeing how the shakes are pretty tasteless (designed that way!), and you haven't been having conventional food maybe you just think you can't smell stuff coz you haven't been needing to!!
Now I could be way off the mark of course but that would make sense to me.
Have a great day hun.

x S