Has anyone else had a sudden urge to cook....

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  1. fun1uk

    fun1uk Full Member

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    Hey guys,all of a sudden i had an urge to cook,just to touch food,to smell food LOL.Anyone else had this?
    All week my bf has been great and cooking for himself so i dont have to come in contact with food but about 30 min ago i just had to.
    Im not really a baker or cook but ive just knocked up a pie lol with home made pastry.MMMM God it smelled soooo good but i never one tasted any im sooooo proud of myself.
    We have my bf bro staying over as they both have an early start working away tomorrow so i thought id cook something nice as i know they dont have time for breakfast till they get to Plymouth tomorrow.

    Day 7 and feeling ok,was tired and weak this morning and im now sat with hunger pans but i think its in my head lol

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  3. curlylow

    curlylow Full Member

    my own! Gym and eating properly
    yep yep yep!!!!

    I am now officially addicted to uktvfood!! I love cooking now.

    This diet is life changingly AMAZING!!!

    Only a week to goooooooooooo!!! (before I refeed after 3months!)
  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    I was the same, all I wanted to do was cook and feed people. I watched every cookery/food related programme on the box (and still do lol)
  5. colawater

    colawater Full Member

    weight watchers
    yep i hated cooking until i started lipo now i cook all sorts. i will have one fat family lol:D
  6. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    It was almost like eating by proxy lol
  7. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

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    my own
    think theres been several threads about this before somewhere ...and yeah bought new cook books for maintenance and the tv is permenantly on uktvfood...the OH and kids are getting the best meals theyve ever had!! and i get to smell them ROFLMAO

    h xx
  8. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    same here! havent actually got round to cooking anything, but am def more interested in it!
  9. xx Cathy xx

    xx Cathy xx Bye Bye Huge Bottom!

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    Finally I'm not alone! People I know just think im really wierd as I make all these lovely treats for people and i'm not interested in eating them myself!. Last week I made cookies, shortbread, bourbon biscuits and a meat pie on sunday when my sister came to stay over..... and i've just got in from tescos buying ingredients for a lemon cheesecake! My partner says i'm trying to fatten him up, i'm not i'm just decreasing the weight gap quicker lol
  10. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    I found cooking and smelling food really helped with my determination! I never cooked ever before LT lol x
  11. SkinkWitch

    SkinkWitch I've got the power

    This is an interesting thread, I have totally the opposite experience.

    Ever since going food shopping for family on day 2 of LT (nightmare!), I have alienated myself from food entirely. I don't even open the cupboards or make sandwiches, my family sort themselves out now.
    I don't know if this is going to be healthy for my relationship with food in the long term but I can tell you this much, not so much as a crumb has passed my lips since I started Lipo!

    BSLIM4HOLS Full Member

    I'm the same watched Delia twice last night!
  13. Shamrock

    Shamrock Wanna be....sexy!

    Im Mrs.domestic in the kitchen cooking for them all,it seems to satisfy me to cook for the family and just take my shake then,strange!
  14. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    OOOPS sorry just read the thread title again and realised it said 'cook'.:eek: x
  15. Bendy

    Bendy Member

    And I thought it was just me, lol!

    I think I like to cook now becuase I'm not afraid of food and cook for others for the fun and pleasure of it all, like a good chef might.

    I'm also addicted to cooking shows... how bizarre, lol.
  16. Fat Girl Slim

    Fat Girl Slim Full Member

    I have not cooked anything for 3 weeks but tonight I got the urge to bake. I have just baked 56 buns. Some iced, some with jam,some with choc chips. Not even licked a finger but i have enjoyed watching the hubby and kids tuck in.
  17. CarrieS

    CarrieS Member

    Hey Vicky,

    Ive just started my second week and have been cooking for the whole family all week! Need to keep in contact with food or will lose my sanity! Getting alot of pleasure from seeing my family eat the food too - it's hard at times - just made crumpets with butter, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, bacon and scrambled egg and could murder a plate of it! x
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