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Has anyone had any experience of OA [Overeaters anonymous] ?

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I am a great believer in AA so think OA could possibly work as long term support.

Let us be honest here, many many people put all the weight they lose on Lipotrim [or any diet] back on. This is because, I believe, food addiction is as serious and as debilitating as any alcohol or drug addiction.

A programme of abstinence probably has to be a life long thing. By this I don't mean abstinence from food per say but abstinence from certain "trigger" foods, for many people these are sugar and refined carbohydrates [white bread, white pasta, white rice, all cakes/sweets etc].

I think people that believe that when they lose the weight they can go back to having the occasional cake are deluded and will unfortunately put all the weight back on. [Because they are not truely understanding their addiction]. It is like saying to an alcoholic that they can have one beer, eventually control is lost and one beer/cake becomes a belly full.

Views please.
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One last chance
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Oooh I know what you mean. My biggest fear is losing the weight and then putting it back on. Lucky for me, I have self control, and a fear of gaining weight you could say.

If I do going back to having lets say chocolate or something, I'd put it in the freezer so I'll end up getting fed up of finishing it because I can't LOL.

What I'm thinking of doing, is only having chocolates and stuff on sundays, and that's all. Or if I go to a party or something, which rarely happens with me unless I'm forced to go lol.

But yeah, people really do need to realise, but you'd think that maybe they would understand after all the work they did to shed off the pounds.


Finally a size 12!
Ive finished my LT journey about 3 months ago (going back on just to shift last stone) and Ive kept the weight off obviously it flutuates depeding on what time of day I weigh myself but never more then 1lb. I think the trick is not to punish yourself have the occasional treat but however people forget to do the one main thing you must keep up which is exercise!!! If i have a treat (which is rare) ill then do an extra 30 mins walking or steps just depends what works for you. Obviously you have to change your eating habit and I dont eat all the crap I used too

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thats not a bad idea and in the past have wondered about a group like that. Is there such a thing. I know down the road where i am living there is a fat farm where they have group meetings like that but I honestly dont have £250 to go to something like that! maybe we could have an online one for continued support.
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thats a very good idea miss unknown. I know that after I finish LT I will still come back on here alot.. coz the last thing I want to do is go back to 19stones!... Im planning on having a treat day every 2weeks after I finish. So i will arrange all my social events according to that. That way if I have a bad craving for something I know that I can have it... luckily I am not big on chocolate etc... so Im hoping to have a good exercise regime going at the same time just to make sure I stay healthy and toned up :)
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yes I think its something that everyone is going to need when we reach our targets and i certainly dont want to see 20 stones again!!
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we wont!.... i will not ever do that to my body again. when I get to my ideal.. im gonna stay there! ok im gonna try my hardest to stay there... gosh think about it this way... if i get to my ideal by summer I have to at least maintain till my wedding! that should get me in good practice :)
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hmm I wonder has anyone gained their weight after pregnancy although im sure it will still be easy to come off but highly annoying though
Hi all, maintenance is another journey of its own and across the forum there is a lot of experience from long term maintainers so I think we should still look for support on here.

I started refeed on 23rd Dec but felt it was going a bit pearshaped over Xmas day and Boxing day so I have gone straight back on my shakes until 5th Jan as Xmas didn't feel like a good time to start eating after 7 months 100% abstinence.

I don't think it will be an easy journey but I am determined with support and advice from on here to succeed.

With regard to Mr Creosote's point about OA I have some experience of it, and it can be helpful for some people. I guess a lot of maintainers on minis believe that over time you can learn to have everything in moderation. This clearly works for some people. I don't think everybody who has weight issues is the same as an alcoholic is with alcohol.

However some people would benefit from identifying their trigger foods and working towards total abstinence from those. That is the OA approach and is one that I am considering. I think different approaches will suit different people.
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well said tara!! I think we all have different issues of why we gained the weight in the first place. My downside is chocolate as a food, I have a very sweet tooth but thankfully the chocolate shake is doing wonders for keeping that at bay! I am glad to hear ya are back on track yourself and would love to hear from ya on how your maintenance will go!

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