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Has anyone made it to a size 8-10 on the CD??

I lost 2 and a half stone on the cambridge diet at the end of 2006. I have gone from being a size 14-16 to a size 10-12, which has really helped me feel more confident and happy. I've managed to keep the weight off since then through healthy eating and cutting back on the carbs. I still think about what I'm eating ALOT as I'm scared that if I'm not careful I will put weight back on.
My dream is to have the balls to go back on the CD and have one last push to make it to a size 8-10 rather than a size 10-12, especially since I'm getting married in August. The thought of going back on the diet after so long is freaking me out but I know it works and going on it last time was one of the best things I ever did.
Has anyone actually made it to a size 8 and have you got any tips on how you did it?? K8T xx :D
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Hi k8t,

I havent made it to a size 8 but ask me the same question in a few months and i might be able to tell you.

Good luck, hope you get an answer
Hi! I'm a rare visitor on here, hence the late reply, but I have got down to a small 10/big 8! I am really pushing to be an average 8 now, but it is really really hard work, losing about half a pound a week tops, but I am determined to get there!

Remember though that once you are that sort of size a lot of it will depend on your bone structure - mine is small. How big are your wrists? that can be a good indication - mine are 5 1/2 inches at smallest point!

Deb G

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I am on LL and I am currently a size 8 (5ft6 and 8st9). I've never been this tiny - always thinking that I was 'big boned' but it turns out it was 'big fat'......not bones at all! I did it all through SS down to 9st and in Management we tend to lose weight the first 6 weeks and slowly regain those pounds to stabilise in the last 6 weeks (so I'll end up back at about 9 stone give or take).
Goodness, you're tiny! My goal is 8st 13 (just to be under 9st:D) and currently around 9st10 give or take.

Sort of wish I'd done LL, the management part seems like it would have suited me well.
My friend started at size 22 and is now size 8/10 and looks great! She did the sole source for a month then switched to 790 and it took her about five months.


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I just want to be a size 12. A 10 in some things would be great, but realistically i know what I can maintain. Getting too old to hanker after looking like a magazine cover! Also too lazy.
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I went down to a size 10 on my first attempt and felt great, unfortunately I am now 2 stone heavier so have a long journey ahead to return to that size.
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Hiya I'm a size 8-10 at the moment. If I can do it so can you. took me roughtly about 2 and a bit months get here I'm nearly at goal now:)
OMG taken me soooo long to reply! Thanks to all of you for replying. I actually do think it might be possible for me to reach my goal now reading these messages. How is everyone getting on?? I started on the CD again yesterday and I'm doing SS, I was 9st 12 at my first weigh in and I'm a size 10-12 at the moment. My goal is 9st which I'm really hoping will get me to a size 8-10. 13 weeks till my wedding so this is my last chance!! Don't feel too bad at all either considering I'm on SS, I even had the energy to go for a big walk last night. I reckon lots of water is the key to feeling ok.
Does anyone know what drinks I can have that won't take me out of ketosis apart from 'zero' pop and boiling water?? Also, how do you do the animated weight loss ticker thing? K8t xx