Has anyone seen..


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my will power or motivation?:(
As i posted the other day i've been struggling this wk. Since last night i've been bingeing on protein! So So bad, i know, but i just couldn't help myself! I dont know whats wrong with me! Doesn't help having a CDC who said "oh you can eat as much protein as you like, you'll still be in ketosis!" BUT the scales have only budge a lb since weigh in on monday!:mad:
Thats alost given me a license to eat loads of the stuff!
Feel so low and fed up, I want to get back to being in control and positive!
Tomorrow i'll be half way to my xmas goal and i really want to get there!
Ok firstly you counsellor is wrong to tell you that protein is ok on the diet as it doesn't affect ketosis. The fact is that protein based meals still have calorific value and hence will be burnt ahead of fat.

Therefore it is time to get tough, avoid the protein, and concentrate on that christmas morning feeling when you wake up over a stone lighter than today.