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has LT affected any body elses TOTM???

i know this isnt a nice subject but i have had 2 TOTM in three weeks, which i could cope with but the second one has lasted two weeks and as been quite heavy. its realy worrying me know and woundering weather its diet messing up my body in some way or weather i need to go to doctors?
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Hi, I have bleeding on and off all the way through. I know there are others that have had this problem - I think its just a rubbish side effect. you may need extra iron tablets if its heavy. x
Thankyou nerac I've been realy worrying I thought it was Probley just a side affect of the diet but Still doesn't stop you worrying.
You're welcome Karen - I had totm for about 3 1/2 weeks solid at the begining, then just here and there, not regular at all - eventhough I'm on the everyday pill. You'll be fine, but just keep an eye on you not becoming anaemic. Your pharmacist will be able to help you with that anyway.

Thankyou all I feel normal again know lol x

xx Cathy xx

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I got mine 2 days after starting and I haven't had a proper one in 3 years cos I have the depo jab. Can honestly say I've not missed them!

Not sure but I remember something said on here last time I did LT was that something to do with the amount of calories we're taking or ketosis or just the whole thing in general can make you more fertile? Doesn't affect pill etc but just incase anyones not..... but don't quote me on it!
yep .. me !! I had the implant a few weeks before starting LT so just assumed that the constant TOTM was the implant .. but I have a friend who has the implant and has no periods .. and when she started LT she had constant bleeding .. so yeah it definately affects TOTM !! grrrr
17 days & counting not impressed at all co I have the Depo injection and not had 1 for nearly 2 yrs oh well the weight is coming of so i look at it as a small sacrifice
Yeah I have the implant and haven't had any for 9-10 months and then started the diet and have had two in three weeks but like fragglerock says I'm losing the weight so i'll cope with it :)

xx Cathy xx

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Not sure if it affects ketosis but definately affected me with water retention x


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My first time on LT i had my totm from week 2 right through to end of refeed - week 22!!!!!!!!

I saw the doc twice about it who reassured me it was down to LT and the 'shock' our body is going through and its a way of dealing with it. also, as we have been overweight for so long its also a way of our body regulating itself to a more 'normal' weight for ourselves.

Hope that puts you at ease a little.

Although its annoyance, its a small annoyance to pay to being slim :)

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