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Has your attidude changed?


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Its never been mentioned to me untill tonight, but me and my partner had an arguments over something or other and it came up that he thinks ive changed since losing just under 6 stone. He said my attitudes changed and i'm more snappy etc and he keeps making remarks about me leaving him when i lose my weight. Ive never given him any reason for this, and infact its him who has women after him all the time!! I feel that alot of women think "whats he doing with her" and because im big they think they can "take" him from me.... but i dont let that get to me and im not insecure.

Anyways diverting slightly there lol. Has any of your family or other half think you have changed. The only change in me is im more confident and infact im alot happier than i was! My bubbliness was sometimes a mask, now i am truly happy. I hope i dont change, i dont want to. Just wondered what you lot thought. x
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I think as you lose weight you gain confidence.... not only in how you look but how you feel....

I don't want this to sound bad.... but some people like us being unconfident as it suits them.... and when we don't act as they are used to they don't like it!!!!

I don't think thats the case with your OH.... i think he is just seeing you change and thats freaking him out.... he wil realise when yo get to goal that you are truly happy then and that you still love him.... nothing has changed.....

People as a rule don't like change!!! He will realise that your change is for a better, healthier you!!!

Maybe make some time to spend together.... make a fuss off him... in reality i think most men are more insecure than us girls!!! He just thinks your doing this to find someone better.... he probably just needs a bit of re-assurance that there's only one person your doing this for..... and thats you!!!

It will be fine hun!!! Hope your ok!!! xxx

Mrs jk

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Hun my experience is this when on any diet we become snappy- one reason for it is oestregen is stored in fat cells and as we disolve these we release more into our systems and are more emotional. Another is the stress. I freely admit I get snappy on strict diets and once I'm eating again am fine. My Hubby knows this but would rather I be a bit snappy than miserable cause I just ate cake.

The other side is my hubby has been making lots of noise about other men- he gets jealous and insecure, same as we do. He explains that he thinks someday I'll realise I can do better and will cheat or leave him (which is daft as he's the best hubby ever).

I will share with you though that I made him see sense by explaining that I wanted to look good for our marraige cause when I feel better he reaps the benefits. I also explained that I don't want to get complacant and get heavy but want to look good and make him happy...

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