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Hate it when unsupportive people tell me how to diet...

Today I was cooking myself a ham omelette for breakfast as part of my Atkins. My dad comes down and tells me that no wonder my weight is the worst in the fam because i'm the only one eating breakfast in the house. Obviously I am very sensitive about my weight so just starting crying. He told me just not to eat breakfast and to wait till lunch....I don't know when he became Dr. Atkins but apparently this works best for him. Do I really need to do that!? I go to the gym after breakfast, I think not eating would kill me. Dammmmnnn it's annoying not having the support I'd like!
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Welcome & good luck. Magb, I guess your a girl from your goal weight. You don't need to lose a lot. Enjoy breakfast, you should have it. You will find all the support you need here hun :D x


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Yes Mag

Sharon is so right, do try and eat breakfast - as Jim says it gets the fat burning process off to a great start - and ham omelette sounds fab.

I'm afraid you might need to block out comments from family and friends for a bit and just focus on following the Atkins guidelines - we're always here to help :)

Its vital to eat brekkie - any one with any knowledge will tell you that . Its very hard to diet when you've people throwing opinions here and there but you wil have lots of support here from people who know exactly what its like !!
if it werent your dad i'd say bollox to him lol BUT as i know he only thinks he's saying the right thing i wont....

you DO need to eat 3 meals a day, and since when was a ham omlette fattening on ANY diet!!

ignore the haters and keep on doing what your doing hun xx

we are here to support you if you need us x
It doesn't matter which one of the hundreds of diets you are on. Any health professional knows how important it is to start your body off for the day by nourishing it. It must be awful having to put up with people putting you down, and frustrating at their sheer lack of knowledge. My partner also eats nothing all day, and a meal in the evening, but he has always done this, and it doesn't seem to affect his body. It doesn't make it right though.
Hi Mag, you come and post on here for advice love, we'll all help you.
Hi Mag and welcome,breakfast is the most important meal of the day it kickstarts your metabolism for the rest of the day.Also research shows people who have breakfast tend to eat less later in the day.
You are certainly not overweight now at 11 stone and 5ft 11in and a bmi of 21 5. so don't let anyone undermine your confidence in yourself.
lorna x
Sorry guys, not been able to get online for a few days! Thankyou so much for all the comments...actually needed to change my starting weight up to 12 stone sadly (put it all on over summer!) but I have lost 4lbs from that so far so I am just going to ignore comments from people who don't know what they are talking about and carry on following the Atkins guidelines. Coming on the read all of these makes me realise that as long as I have everyone on here I don't need support from anyone else- Thanks! :)
Chantal! Are you actually plugging your 'Weigh' here?? :rolleyes:

*only in the door and already trudging wearily towards the naughty bench*

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