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Have fallen off. spectacularly....

I am NOT having a good day.
British Gas have really got up my nose. Have been trying for a month to get my prepayment meter out. First engineer comes, he says no. 2 man job
Second engineer comes. He didn't even bother knocking on the door!
Today 3rd engineer was supposed to come
Now I know that some are flooded and there are emegencies on, but even a phone call would have been nice! As it is, I have been stuck in the house waiting for people who haven't come and eating:(
I am on AAM week, and today I have added about 3 meals in my bordom and annoyance.

Husband is on the phone now to them. But I already ate the food. Mashed potato and extra chicken and picking at this and that....

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nicky...dont stress about the food. tomorrow is another day. get right back on the wagon and dont beat urself up. how cheeky of BG!! hope hubby gives them hell! they wouldnt be so slow to check u were paying them enuff money, eh?


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Oh Spookster :( :hug99:

Don't worry, its only one day! Just make sure you get back on track tomorrow. Don't fret though, everyone has those moments. You've done so well up until now, don't beat yourself up about it.

I've failed today too, I've had way too much chicken but hey ho.... lets go and get this diet back on track!!!

As for the stupid Gas people.. I use to work for a water company and you can claim for wasting time. I can't remember exactly what its called now its probably something really simple and will come to me no doubt once I've sent this. But for 3 times they've let you down it should be £20-£25 per time. I'm sure it should be the same with any utility kind of company, if so, thats a bit of money towards your next CD products!

Its so annoying when your waiting around for something...put in a good complaint to make yourself feel better ;)

I hope they get and fix things soon. x x x


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I know you feel bad about it Spooky, but honestly whats done is done. You can pick up where you've left off, don't worry about un-doing the hard work. Nothing will change the fact you've put so much into this diet, and you can continue that way. Just think how much food you would have picked on before this diet, I bet it would be double the amount (it would certainly have been that for me).

You've not failed, so don't think that you have. I dunno if you're the same as me but I feel as if Sole Source is a lot easier than AAM, I feel there is less temptation to cheat so we'll be properly back on track soon :) x


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It only one day. Don't worry.
If you'd started a diet and only done it for one day you wouldn't count it would you?
So don't count your little blip. You'll have forgotten all about it when your at goal.
Hope tomorrow's a better day.
Hey Nicky,

It's Saturday today - a whole new day and the start of the weekend. Plenty of water and new found resolve is what you need, forget yesterday and concentrate on today. You're doing so well hunni. Back to it - you CAN do this.

Chin up xx:hug99:
Thanks hun.
I feel really unwell today. I had a touch of constipation last night so :sick0019::sick0019::sign0131::sign0131::sign0131:
And with that I have only just got up.

Its another day though and I have resolved not to eat.

I know why I did. I turned to food cos I was let down. I need to find another way of managing my feelings.
Hey chick,

How you doing today?? Did you manage ok yesterday?

The MoodGYM Training Program

Hi Spooky,

I thought I'd share the above wensite with you. I suffer with a similar problem and how I cope with lifes ups and downs (well the downs actually). Anyway, my GP has recommended the above site - it's free and it's all about changing our coping mechanisms. I haven't tried it yet, because of time, but it might help you on your journey. Good Luck. xxx
spooky's back in ketosis :party0019: that's the hard part over!!! Just stick with it now chick xx

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