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Have to throw a party!

Hi all,

Had planned to go to thorpe park tomorrow with some mates and then to dinner as its one of my mate's birthday. I had planned to be really good and not touch any of the food - dont care if he gets offended.

Plans have changed though - turns out its gona be a miserable day tomorrow weatherwise - so we're going bowling and dinner instead and then hubby decided to invite everyone round for dessert and drinks! he was really nice abt it though and told me not to bother preparing anything and he would buy the drinks and desserts! Unfortunately - everyone expects a lot at my parties and OH does not know how to cook - so i've had to go out and buy party snax/ ingredients and will have to prepare tons of party food and cocktails :(

For the first time ever - i'm actually not looking forward to throwing a party coz i'll have to prepare/cook/layout all those yummy delicacies without tasting a thing!! :cry:Its gona take a lot of willpower and i'll probably be on here every 10 minutes tomorrow to keep away from the food and drink! :sigh: Help!
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Good luck with the party. Keep your hands busy then you will have less time to think about picking. Also, if you have a shake or soup just before hand then you'll be too full to think about food.

Enjoy the party and just accept all the compliments about your food.

Good luck.
the food is around us all the time, so its easy to pick, just be strong and you will be fine dont let it prey on your mind cos sometimes your mind wins. Enjoy the dat for what it is and dont let a bit of grub spoil it for you. x


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you started with food all around u just remember why u are doing this and how u will feel when u get on those scales and u have lost, and not gone backwards


Says it as it is!!!
1. You WILL enjoy the party
2. You do not need food to enjoy a party
3. you will be having a great time with your mates
4. you can laugh at everyone else who is drunk ...and remind them of the actions when they are sober
Enjoy the social side hun...food and drink isn't everything in life xx


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hey stay strong.. put your water in a wine glass go around and be busy chatting and socialising and dont worry about the food... you will be great xxx best of luck hun!!
you can also make choc mousse with your shake and put it in the fridge in a fancy glass let everyone know your on a special diet from the start and if all else fails take up smoking!!!
good luck for the party hun and enjoy xx
Thanx everyone for your wonderful messages/tips/words of encouragement :) yup i think i'm gona make choc mousse tomorrow

you can also make choc mousse with your shake and put it in the fridge in a fancy glass let everyone know your on a special diet from the start and if all else fails take up smoking!!!
we will actually be smoking - but a different form - not sure if y'all know about shisha (its not a drug i promise - just flavoured tobacco from a bong / hubbly bubbly jar) - had to ask my chemist if that was allowed on LT! lol! So am looking forward to a nite full of shisha, shakes and some H2O! should be fun! Plus i'll be thankful wen i get on those scales!

xx Cathy xx

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What I do at meal times or when i've had people round for a meal is cook theirs then join them with my bowl of soup or a shake if you dont like the soup. That way I'm having a meal too, so what if it isn't cakes and desserts etc.... at least you wont get fat on yours!!

xx Cathy xx

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Another idea someone else posted on here, have a choc mousse same time as theyre tucking into desserts
have a good time honey - at least you will feel fine the next day !!
Hey all,

Just to let y'all know the party went brilliantly - and i didn't even feel like eating or drinking!! We were up til 4am and i think i probly enjoyed it the most as i wasn't feelin stuffed like everyone else! I probably wouldnt have made it without this site and all you fellow lipotrimmers out there - So thank you very much :D
A massive well done, that takes guts, courage and tons of determination so you should be so proud of yourself, cos I am good effort! x
Thanx fattothin :) its my birthday on friday but i'm gona stick to the same determination i had yesterday and think about how i'll look good on b'day next year (hopefully!) :)
Happy Birthday for Friday and remember, you're about a stone lighter for this birthday already! Next year you'll knock 'em all dead!


Says it as it is!!!
Well done hun fattothin says it all xx

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