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have you told people?


Slimming for my children
that your on sw?
I am trying to keep quiet as i have tired so many diets i am actually embarrassed about it.
But yesterday we went to a pub with our friends and i said to my husband before we went i need a pub that has jacket potatoe and beans so i can stick to my diet which was fine. But when we go there he repeated about 20 times yea you can only have the jacket and beans hahaha as the restaurant was the hungry horse? Its gorgeous! And so it alerted our friends to stick up for me as they thought he was being tight fisted lol but had to confess the diet and they were like oh dont be silly your fine as you are blah blah.

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I have told everyone because I am proud that I am doing something about it.. that I am taking control of my life. It is also the fact that if I tell everyone that I also need to tell everyone when/if I fail! I am not going to and that puts that added incentive onto me.
I don't have the same problem as you because I have always been fat.. so everyone is like good on you, go girl..but I also get .. well you don't want to be 10 stone.. don't go that far...look at her shes a size 12 and is a skeleton!.. don't go that far, I am sure you will find a happy medium before that! - It does get a bit annoying!!


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That sounds wrong.. I didn't mean you haven't had the same problem.. but people don't say to me.. you are fine you don't mean to lose it...they say oh go for it.

Sorry I just reread it and it sounded mean..didn't mean it like that


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Personally i told some people , not close people and the fact i didnt get much reaction and the fact they where not really interested dented my confidence and put more pressure on me. I think its up to yu who you tell, i dont like hearing the 'your fine as you are' thing, it just gets on my nerves as No i am not, not yet, not untill i have a healthy BMI will i be fine....lol

I think its up to you who you tell if anyone, obvioulsy very close people like family is good as they will support you no matter but friends can be judgemental if you fail. sorry for rambling!


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I've not really told many people, but that's okay. SW is so easy to fit in around family eating (and, naturally, my partner knows) that it isn't an issue and I doubt friends would say anything about my food choices if we're eating out.
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I have tried to avoid telling people. Up until recently I went to WW and just felt under pressure with people asking me how I had done every week !!! I know that sounds ungrateful and I know they were taking an interest but it doesn't always help me. If people ask I won't not tell them but I am just waiting to be asked - if that make sense x


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My family and close friends at work knew and would ask every week how I'd done at WI. But beyond that if people commented on my weight loss I would just say I was doing healthy eating.


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Not really 'telling' people , (only immediate family) just getting on with it quietly and determindly!

I'm looking forward to the time people 'notice', then I'll say. :)


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I will tell people if they ask, but very few people ask. Only one person at work knows - who will occasionally ask me how I am getting on, my immediate family and a friend I go to SW with. - quite a small but select group


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Not really 'telling' people , (only immediate family) just getting on with it quietly and determindly!

I'm looking forward to the time people 'notice', then I'll say. :)
That's just what I've done, and just recently I've started getting people noticing and the compliments that go with it. It's a nice feeling :)


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im really proud of doing something about my weight as i was over 20stone, and sing the slimming world praises all the time :)


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Never hidden it from anyone - family knew almost straight away, and friends were told before I started (i started just before Xmas 2008 so told people to not buy me food related presents). Work also knew from day 1 as that was really going to be my downfall (subsidised canteen, vending machines and cakes all the time as well).

No-one's batted an eye lid about it or been at all bothered. My choice of lifestyle and that's all that really counts.

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