having a bad day..


Trying to stay healthy!
Hope you are feeling better today milena.


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Hi Melina, I had a bad day on Saturday so I know how you feel, Ive only been on SS+ for a little while so still trying to get used to just having shakes and not eating normal food (im having milk too so no meals). I almost caved but came onto this website and got some excellent advice on how to stick to it.
The suggestions to me which really helped were, keep busy doing whatever possible to take your mind off food and When you start feeling really hungry and want to eat, think about whether you need to eat or whether you just want to as im finding the habit is harder to kick than the food. Im so chuffed I stuck to it as i know i would have been disappointed if I hadnt, chin up think positive and just think of those pounds flying off :)

Good luck xx


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Hi girls today is much better and yesterday was good couse am back at work and haven't got any time to think about eating:) lost 2lbs:)