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Having a really bad day :(

AARRGGHHHHHHH!!! I'm on day 68 and, having sailed through the last 10 weeks, I am having a really low day :( I feel really down, feel bloated, keep thinking I've got such a long way to go. Generally bit disheartened and down in the dumps. I've got TOTM (started yesterday) and I'm on a AAM week and just feel like I'm going to be lucky to lose 1 lb this week. Hoping this is just a blip that many experience but I'm praying this is not how i'm gonna feel for the next 6 months - don't think I or anyone else could bear it!!!

Sorry to moan a bit guys - just needed to get it all off my chest xx

Kj xx

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hey there,
if you've managed the last 10 weeks ok then there's no reason the next 6months will be the same as 2day. Its a tough journey & you will have down days, you've done well to get this far b4 the first one.
looka t some photos of the old you, take your measurements or try on some of you old clothes to keep you motivated.
hope the doldrums pass soon


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We all get bad days - on a diet or not. Just think how far you have come. 6 months sounds like a long way off - but it isn't really it will fly by! Imagine how you will feel in 6 months time? You can face a summer being at least 54lbs lighter....imagine if you hadn't started your journey - you'd have so much more work to do.
Can you set yourself a mini goal and a reward for reaching that goal? It might help.
Keep at it - you have done so well.
Best wishes to you ( sending you positive vibes.)
hey kayjay, I felt a bit depressed during totm also and thats when i broke cd. You have come this far now you have to keep going. You are doing soo well. You should be really proud of yourself, as cheryl said why not look at some old pics? they will help keep you motiavated.


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Aw, mate, it isn't going to be easy all of the time. Just look at how far you have come, you've done amazingly well. You've recognised you're not feeling good, and instead of diving into the fridge or cupboard, you're confronting them in a way that says no, I won't give in. You can do this! TOTM is always a b*tch, for me anyway, and I crave chocolate like nobodys business, just be strong, minute by minute, hour by hour, and then the day is over, new day tomorrow, where hopefully you will feel better.

Thanks Everyone! Made me feel human realising its not just me that can feel like this!

I've been upstairs and tried on the trousers that I had on when I went to meet my CDC for the first time - They fell to the floor!! Just the little lift I needed! I know I'm being a bit silly as I have already come quite a way since starting - just TOTM making me feel rubbish!!

LOADS of hugs to you all xxxxxxxxx

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