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healthy alternative to biscuits?

I love to have a mug of tea and a biscuit in the evening. Has any1 any ideas to a healthy alternative? Recipe ideas? Anything? I've tried fruit and yogurt but it jus doesn't cut it. I think its the texture of the biscuit. Also I have crispbreads or rice cakes for lunch so I don't really want those again. Help please :(

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That's a toughie! I love to crunch now and then but it's a savoury crunch I like. What biscuit do you usually have? Is there a lower pp alternative or perhaps something like a rich tea finger might be less?

The other alternative is to break the cycle of the mug of tea...change your routine. When you would normally sit down with the tea, go for a short walk or have a bath/pamper yourself session.

I used to like a bag of crisps in the vening while I was reading a book but discovered that it was the hand to bag to mouth that was the habit rather than the crisps. So I replaced the crisp bag with a bag of cherries early on in the diet and now don't bother. Mind you, I don't seem to get the time to read just lately either!


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hi Amij have you tried the ww biscuits only 2pp for a pk of 2. I would sometimes freeze a bag of grapes and sit munching them while wayching tv or ww do a bag of mini bites they are chocolate and only 1 pp each, hope that helps x
Thanks both of you I'm def gonna try the ww ones and I can't believe rich tea are only 1pp. Could that ne right? Thats really good

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rich tea are 1pp each but if you have more than one its

1- 1pp
2- 3pp
4- 4pp
Dont know how healthy they are but they are really really nice 1point makes 30.
3/4 c of reduced fat crunchy peanutbutter
3/4 c of castor sugar
1 egg
Mix all together with electric beater (mixer) then spoon out with a teaspoon on baking tray and flatten slighty with a wet fork bake till cooked about 15 min or till golden, let cool on tray for 5min then place on a wire rack till cold.
Hey I love my biccies and tea too. WW do these lil bags of mini cookies for 2pp, have you tried them?
I also found these savory WW biccies with cracked black pepper - 2pp for 2 or add a cheese triangle to that for another pp, lovely jubbly!
Other treats I try are tayto velvet crunch for 2pp or those WW nachos are quite decent. All crunchy textured lol.. X


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I ike the WW biscuits 1 pack of 2 for 2 pp, I'm far too lazy to go back to the box for a 2nd bag lol.
Their cakes are quite nice too, 2pp I like the iced cooconut!
They also do little cream eclairs in the freezer section and they're a rather scrummy 2pp each as well.


I need chocolate now!!!
I love the WW Caramel Mallows, only 1 pp each and they are nice and chewy and satisfy the sweet craving. Very good value for 1 pp.
ellenwillbeskinny said:
I love the WW Caramel Mallows, only 1 pp each and they are nice and chewy and satisfy the sweet craving. Very good value for 1 pp.
I second that :) very good and nice size for only 1pp x

Also... Few of the girls have mentioned belvitas in another thread, 1pp for one... I'm gonna try them aswell! :)
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I've been looking for the caramel mallows but I cannot find them anywhere to buy them? Which shops stock these please? =)

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Depends where you're from I suppose... I'm from Ireland and I get them in Supervalu? Whereabouts you from? Lot of the girls on here say poundland has a lot of the WW stock :)

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