Healthy BMI weight


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My BMI is currently 27.5. I ultimately want to get to a BMI of 20 which is the size that I look and feel my best. My first goal is to get to 25 which is within the normal range.

As far as weight goes, I was happiest and healthiest at a weight of 55.5 Kg(BMI 20.3) which was my weight in 2008.

At end of 2010 I was about 87kg, my heaviest ever so luckily this year (2011) i have managed to lose about 12kg and my weight has moved from the obese to overweight bracket.

In 2012 I want to achieve my ideal weight and size of 55kg and I will get there by watching what I eat and exercising regularly.

I will embark on a 1,200 calorie a day diet till the new year and see how low I can go before the year starts. I have no social activities over the holidays so this shouldn't be too tempting.

Day One

Start Weight: 74.9kg
Current Weight: 74.9kg
Target Weight1: 68.0kg (target weight 2: 55kg)

Good luck to everyone out there. Lets achieve our goals:cool:
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