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  1. Katy87

    Katy87 Full Member

    Today I ate:
    green juice breakfast
    tuna mayo on sweet potatoe with sweet potatoe wedges, mushroom and carrot.
    sweet potatoe with tuna mayo

    i think I ate ok today quite healthy. Maybe try and eat a bit less tomorrow.

    30 day shred level 1
    30 min rosemaryConnolly
    30 min wii fit
    20 min cross trainer gym
    10 mins weights gym

    I did really well today with the excersise. Tomorrow I will try and so the same but might go swimming as well if I have enough time.
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  3. k8joealf

    k8joealf Full Member

    Wow, well done with the exercise, it kills me! I go on the exercise bike in 5minute intervals as I get so knackered!! :) xx
    I too am eating healthier, but also less xx
  4. Katy87

    Katy87 Full Member

    i feel bad today I didn't do well at all I need to work much better :(
    i did go swimming but no excersise dvd

    also my diet was really bad I had pizza garlic bread and ice cream I feel really bad I need try much harder or will always be fat :(
  5. Katy87

    Katy87 Full Member

    I felt bad when I woke up this morning runny nose can't stop sneezing. Feel a little better now I will probably do the shred later and I had a bacon sandwich (not great). Just going to have juice the rest of the day. I'm gettin a bit of rest for now. My depression has felt a bit bad for a couple of days and I really need to get motivated to excersise and keep having a good diet.
    im going to get back into it later with the shred and juice then try not to have any bad days. I hope I haven't put weight on and have maintained. Wont check until Saturday.
  6. leedsforever

    leedsforever Silver Member

    Keep at it darling and I know oh to well when your stuck in a cycle! Depressed because you feel fat, then eat because you are depressed! Sounds such a cliche but if you combat that depression it is half the battle! I honestly think being happy does wonders for your weight loss!
    You can do it xx
  7. Katy87

    Katy87 Full Member

    Thanks you have done really well to loosing 6 stone. I know excersise makes me feel happier and I feel good when I keep to the diet I must be more motivated and think about my goal x
  8. Katy87

    Katy87 Full Member

    I did the 30 day shred and 30 mins on the wii fit. It said I put 1lb on :/ but does say your weight changes a little but if you weigh yourself at different times.
    i decides if I decide what to eat and so the day before I might be more motivated so I will plan tomorrow now.

    I will do the 30 day shred and 30 mins wii fit in the morning. Then go yet gym in the afternoon and so 20 min cross trainer and 20 mins bike with some weights.
    im going to have a vegatable juice for breakfast then throughout the day.
    for lunch gammon, pineapple, mushroom and sweet potatoe wedges.
    more juice for tea then a yogurt after the gym.

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