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Healthy Extra help pls!


Yummy Mummy! xx
I have been having 28g of porridge oats for brekkie.

The book says that for a healthy extra 'b' I have to have that AND 1 scan bran.

So, am I right in thinking that if I dont eat the scan bran then the porridge oats would count as syns? Do I have to have the scanbran for my brekkie or can I have it at another point throughout the day?

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Mrs V

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Yes, you are supposed to have the 28g of porridge oats and 1 scan bran to count as the HeB, otherwsie you would need to syn the porridge.
It doesnt matter at what time of the day you eat the scan bran, as long as it gets eaten Hun.



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I know there has been a bit of a debate about this recently as some people's consultants have said that you do need to syn it. But someone I know has phoned the SW helpline and they have said that this is not true. If you do not have the full amount quoted for a HEB you will not be getting the fibre/protein/calcium quota but you do NOT have to syn it.


I have the porridge but no scan bran, I know I am suppossed to but I keep forgetting to get them at class so now I dont bother as it doesn't impact on my weightloss.

It is ideal and its the only thing that I deviate with and I personally dont lose sleep over it :D

When I do get them I eat them at a different time of day.


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i never knew you had to have ALL of the HeB, well i never. if the slimming world help line say you don't have to i'm listening to them instead ;)


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I eat porridge a lot and have my odd scan bran with a spread of nutella as a treat in the evening on those days. It's lovely and makes a treat out of it!!!!


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I would try to as you will have the quota of fibre then for a HEB! but if you forget and your weight loss is not affected, then i wouldnt be too upset!

I have never had the full amount. I have 28g porrige everyday but never had scan bran with it.

I am having great weight loss's really so as its not having an affect, think i'll carry on as I am.

I also don't have enough milk for my HEA - I can't stand milk so only have 1/2 my allowence in my porrige but figure I am getting enough calcium etc from my yogs??


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The Hexs are there for our nutritional requiremenrs, and it is advisable to have them, however if you don't it won't effect your weight loss, especially if you don't have one scan bran!
I seldom had my Hexbs while losing as they made me bloated and incredibly windy, but ensured I had plenty of veg so I felt my diet was healthy.


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Quote from the website, you dont need to syn it if you dont have it all...

Q: Do I have to eat all my Healthy Extras every day?
A: It won't affect your weight loss if you don't take all your Healthy Extra choices. However, the Healthy Extra section is there to ensure a balanced diet, so from a health point of view we recommend that you enjoy all your Healthy Extras each day.

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