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Healthy Portion Sizes.


...we're sinking deeper.
Something I was interested in looking up, and found difficult to find information on before (not sure why)... This is a guideline for life, not just "dieting" or "maintaining"... for living.

:D Hope this website helps. Have a read. :D

Healthy Portion Size Control

And Recommended Daily Allowances:


I'm printing this off and putting it in my "Food Journal" and possibly on the wall so that I learn it! :rolleyes: Weird that we need to be taught the right amount to eat... but I guess it's easy to lose track in a culture of large portions and multi-packs and 'King-Size' everything!
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I too am struggling with portion control, I have put on about 4lb this week so decided to revisit how much I was having and was shocked to discover that what I thought was about 30g of cereal was in fact almost double, so for the next few days I am weighing everything and keeping track of calories. Hopefully it will bring me back on track, but how easy it was to start down that slippery slope. I suppose the only difference this time is that I am aware of it and making changes.
that portion plate thing the american woman had invented looks good - anyone seen one in real life? i hate measuring stuff out like pasta /rice etc

daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
That's what I got Daisy. The pasta/rice type thing is where it's really useful!
FT have you got an actual plate or the plastic red measuring thingy that you put your food into?
daisy x
its the red plasticy thing i was wondering about really - you put your food into it, seems less likely you could cheat and pile high with that i thought!

do you find the plate works for you?

daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
I used it for about two months before starting LL and I've just started again. It does mainly like I said when you're having rice and sauce, you know how much in a chop or chicken breast already (pack of cards). I do tend to over pile the salad on though. It's also quite a nice size, you only use the middle bit.

*EDIT* One thing I did mean to say was that after this diet and when I'm happy with where I am I want to be eating healthy, not dieting, and I think the portion control is the biggest thing I have to learn. I look at the plate as a learning tool, not a 'diet' plate. Hope that makes sense.
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