Hector Garcias- mexican


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I am going to this mexican restaurant tonight for a friend's surprise party. I am currently doing green- and do not eat eggs on tuesdays and friday (religious reasons)- so ill be fully veggie in that sense.

This is their menu:

http://www.hector-garcias.co.uk/misc/evening both.pdf

I was wondering what I could have that was healthy syn wise?

So far today I have had, a coffee mocha decaff(from vending machine), black coffee with sweetner, baked potato with lots of beg and baked beas (unsure if potato has butter in or not- very unlikely) and I also had a Kellog's mutigrain bar- strawberry.

So where does that leave me?
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Ended up having the enchiladas- as they had no veg chilli- which is what I was planning to have. I also drunk too much :( Only lost 1lbs this week- and it is my first- my eating out is not helping? Not sure what I can do- there are still more events to go out and stuff:(