Heffaplumps shedding the lbs, watch this space!!!

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  1. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    Hello lads and lassies!

    my name is Katie im 26 and from lovely (rainy) ireland. Live with my bf of almost 5 years and our two doggies.

    I have done ww before and lost some then gained some and never really kept at it! So here I am for one last push and I AM doing it!!

    August 2012 I weighed a massive 19st2lbs, I started again last Monday at 17st.05lb. I am doing this from home at the mo but depending on how it goes may rejoin classes later.

    we have a huge holiday booked for sept, almost 4 weeks to New York and Florida (so excited!) we are going as a group of 8 and I do not want to be the "fat" one again. Also need to get fit to deal with the heat and all the walking!!!

    so peeps I really really need your help, guidance and assistance (possibly the odd ass kicking too!) so if you see anything wrong or can offer advise please do x

    i have 36 pp a week and weigh on a monday

    starting weight: 17stone0.5lbs
    1st WI 16st11.5lb -3lbs
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  3. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    Today's food:

    Brekkie: 5pp
    2 slices toast and flora light

    dinner chicken curry: 15pp
    boil in bag rice 7pp
    carrot, mushroom and frozen veggies 0pp
    chicken fillet 4pp
    curry powder sauce 4pp

    tea: 5pp
    spicy prawn noodles

    snack: 8pp
    sf jelly and fruit cocktail
    pouring yoghurt and oats

    33/36 dailies
    49/49 weeklies
  4. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Welcome and good luck,

    What part of Ireland are you from?
  5. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

  6. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    Hello! Thanks for the welcome, do you have a diary?

    I'm from Waterford, you? How are you finding the diet!?

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  7. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    Thanks for the welcome! Ah we started at the same time, how are you getting on so far?

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  8. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    Today's food:


    4 slices of brown bread toasted with flora light 8pp

    Was a non event! Was out with my mam so had 1/2 a bag of crisps while driving ops! 7pp (big bag of crisps!)


    Chicken burger 11pp
    Very small amount of fry chips 10pp


    1 slice of white bread toasted 3pp
    1 chocolate cookie (delish!) 3pp

    36/36 dailies
    6/49 weeklies

    * totally need to reduce my carb intake I'm addicted toast!!!

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  9. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    So far today:

    Fruit salad pouring yoghurt and oats 8pp

    Slice of toast 3pp

    Packet of Special K cracker crisps 3pp

    5pp Mayo 2pp Lettuce n onion 0pp Chicken 7pp

    Warm chicken and bacon salad with brown bread, 13pp

    36/36 dailies 10/49 weeklies

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  10. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Im from Galway, never been to waterford, but i am going to Wexford for the first time in may with hubby and son we are staying in Aurtherstown which is near waterford i think.

    Im finding diet good some off weeks like everyone but really like this diet as i know if i stick to points i will lose weight and dont feel deprived on it
  11. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    Ah I'm from wexford originally but have lived in Waterford for 7/8 years now! It's okay but wexford is nicer ( no place like home eh!)
    I've only been to Galway once and that was just in salt hill for a gaa match (love my gaa, not that I get anywhere supporting wexford!) but it was beautiful up there!

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  12. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    Yesterday's food:

    Tuna sandwich (with sweet corn and mayo) 6pp

    Apple and custard trellis 8pp

    Vegetable soup 4pp
    Cheese and onion roll 4pp

    3 slices brown bread. 5pp
    Haddock 11pp

    36/36 dailies
    14/49 weeklies

    I had a sneaky WI this morning and I'm still STS, disappointing, but I'm getting my TOTM, and rarely loose then, the joys of friggin womanhood!
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  13. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    Still kinda peeved to not have a loss this week, but it may change by official WI Monday!

    Today's plan:

    Sf jelly and fruit salad with oats 6pp

    Scone with butter 9pp


    2 burgers, potatoes carrots and peas 15pp

    30/36 dailies

    Will prob having something small on my break in work too not sure yet

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  14. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    Haven't updated this in ages! But still tipping along I lost 4lb yesterday so that brings me to my first silver seven yey!

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  15. heffaplump

    heffaplump Member

    hi all,

    I found that wighing in at home just wasn't working as I need the accountability of an "official" weigh in. so i rejoined class last Thursday and pre-paid for 12 weeks so I will definitely go, no excuses now! had my first weigh in today and lost 2.5lb (i had gone back up to 17 stone 0.5 lb) so I am back in the 16's and hoping that I will soon see the 15's on the scales (here's hoping!)

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