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Ok...So I am on my second day of LT, I had a vanilla shake wth coffee this morning and it was quite nice..however I am starting to feel quite sick...is this normal? I dont feel lighted headed and my energy levels seem normal but I feel really sick (to the point where I think I will actually be sick!) I am dreading my next shake at lunch!! I feel like crying! To top it all off everyone in the office has just ordered bacon sandwitches for brekky!! EVIL PEOPLE! Please someone help :-(
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I felt quite sick the first few days, I think its your body getting used to the fact theres no food but still producing stomach acid to break down the food!! Dont worry to much it should pass also try not to drink your shake to quick as that may make you feel sick......... Hope u feel better soon.

P.S dont worry bout the bacon sandwiches, your gonna lose the weight, they aint eating those!

those bacon sandwiches probably have more calories in them than you will have in 3 days! they'll regret it when you're all slim with fabulous skin and they are full of carbs and grease with ikky skin and jealousy!!

the feeling sick thing does seem to happen - sip very cold water and lots of deep breaths.
Thanks so much...I guess I just needed to hear that it's normal! I want food but my desire to be thin far outweigths my desire for a bacon sandwitch! Everyone at work is being so negative, I work in the healthcare industry and they are all saying oh this cant be healthy, you will make yourself ill...etc etc...I think they just jealous they dont have the will power to do it!!! Thanks again for your advice! xxx
you are extremely unlikely to make yourself ill - this diet was started off by doctors and is recommended by healthcare professionals anyway!

Good luck, tough it out for the first week or so and when you get your weigh ins and your weight lowers every week (every day!!) your colleagues will be wanting to know the name of your fab diet ;)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I'm on day one and I already have a very dead headache. Have drunk almost three litres of water which doesn't seem to get rid of it either. As others have said it is just part and parcel of the diet. We just have to get through the first few days to adjust our metabolism and hopefully it will get better. I take comfort from all the posts here.


Positivity is the key
Hi Trixi, hope you are feeling better tonight,
Irish Molly, welcome and best of luck. The headaches will stop, it is part of it. Wishing you all the best, come on and post as often as you can, it does help to get the support.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Doirin,thanks for the kind words. you really are making great progress with over 80lbs down in a short enough time frame. It must keep you motivated to know you are doing so well. will keep posting as you suggest.
Hi All,

Thanks for all your lovely kind words (which are really keeping me motivated in the first few days!)
I am feeling much better today, not as hungry, I am working from home today so I am away from the jealous so called friends at work! I have decided I am doing this for me and if people dont agree with it tough I know its sake, i know it works and I know they are all gonna wanna know the name of it when I am skinny minny! ha ha
Thanks again guysx
Welcome Trixi and Molly

You will both feel a million times better after your first weigh in and be astounded by how much you've lost. THAT will be better than any bacon buttie.

Regards headaches and feeling sick- it WILL get better. I was in your position 2 weeks ago and I was miserable but a fortnight in and it's a world of difference. You can DO it- chins up and focus on that first WI

Thank to you all, I am on day three now! Feeling lots better today after all your lovely messages yesterday, so thank you! Just had choc mouse for lunch it was quite a treat!!! Just trying to look for some recipies to see what to do with that yacky chicken soup mix tonight!! he he x
ooh, have never yet made the mousse! glad you enjoyed it :)

if you really don't get on with the chicken soup many people here seem to have found that pharmacists seem quite happy to swap sachets for an alternative - might be worth asking if you decide they're not for you :)
yeah first time I tried the mouse and I can honestly say I enjoyed it! I have also read that mixing half vanilla and half chocolate with a spoonfull of coffee is nice! Might try that. I have just called my chemist and they are happy to swap the chicken soup!!!! yey!! x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hi everyone
Just have had my last sachet for today(day 2). No headache today and not hungry but just miss sooooo much sitting down to dinner!!! I find the sachets hard to mix even with a hand blender!! By the way my hand blender stopped this evening and I had to revert to a shaker which I think was better anyway. I will get a new blender tomorrow. Does anyone know if you can mix up a sachet in advance and then take it with you for lunch? Had the soup today at lunch but it was so lumpy as no amount of stirring with a spoon would mix it up for me.
It's great to see so much support for one another.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
hi all
well, i have made day two and feel good. no headache and not feeling hungry either. just feel a bit daunted as i am only starting out. newbie nerves i guess!! roll on the next five days to getto end of week one.
night all

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