hello again :-)


hi all!
Hi everyone, i used to browse these threads a while back. Its been a wee while since i did, and back for some motivation since i started the plan again last week. Was doing well before on it, and was going to class but been a difficult six months splitting from my partner and then moving house so went totally off track. Although now im back and ready to shift those pounds again! hehe. Ive re started at a funny time of year, but didnt want to wait until after new year as the way ive been looking at it, is if i started now then if i put on over xmas and new year, it may not be so bad! haha. Just thought id say hello again and hope you are all doing well :)
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Welcome back. Like you Ive had a few stressfull months and ended up off plan. Starting back tomorrow or Monday. Depends when I get to do shopping.
Have the dreaded first weigh in to go thru..... Had lost nearly 3 stone, but think I have put 1 back on.

Best of luck being back on plan...


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Like you said, you've made the decision to start to limit any festive gains which I think is very sensible! Good luck and welcome back. :)


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welcome back :) good luck , you can do it ! xx


hi all!
Thanks! :) I follow the green plan, so ive stocked up on my pasta and rice. Ive done the green plan a few times and once got to target. I just cant get the hang of extra easy!
Istarted the plan again last friday but havent weighed myself yet on my wii fit in case i get into the habit of checking all the time which ive done in the past lol. Ive went on the wii fit a few times this week but have left the weighing part out and have also bought the zumba 2 for the wii, which trying to learn the moves has been difficult! haha :-D


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Hello and welcome back :) I think you've made a great choice to come back before xmas and even if you STS its better than a gain :)