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  1. Hala

    Hala Member

    ok I'm new here in calories counting forum and I thought I'd introduce myself.

    I've been yoyo dieting pretty much my whole life and last year I had more success than my normal but I relapsed again and I put the weight I lost + more. Any way I mean it this time and not I'm gonna give up. 6 weeks ago I started cambridge diet and it actually does work but I felt deprived and I felt like I want to stop so before I stop and gain all the weight back I decided to follow a diet with more options and flexibility even if it has relatively slower results. I have a friend who recently lost 5 stones on calorie counting. it took her a year with ups and downs but she did it and she didn't gain any of the weight back. so I'm here no matter how long it takes me I'm gonna do it and the cambridge forum helped me so much and I hope this one will help me and motivate me to stick to my diet too

    ok long story short I'm here and I mean it this time. so let's lose some weight together :)
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  3. systema

    systema Gold Member

    I used to weigh almost the same as you do now when I decided to lose it Calorie Counting - like your friend I had ups and downs but got there in about the same time.
    After a few weeks I added swimming and aqua class then as the weight started to go I did Aerobics classes.
    I kept it off for 10 years then had an accident which caused me to do nothing for weeks and gained a stone so the reason I am back. I did try Slimming World but it did not work for me as I need to have a little more structure to my food than being told there is loads of "free" food - if they said it was free then I ate it, in large quantities, so came back to C Counting.
    Good Luck with it and sure if you are in the right frame of mind it will happen.
  4. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck! Calorie counting is great, very flexible, and it's been very successful for me and many others on here. :) xx
  5. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    welcome hala
  6. katsmad64

    katsmad64 Full Member

    I also do better calorie counting feel like it's much easier for me don't know why but I don't feel like I'm on a "diet " I eat pretty much what I like but smaller portions . On SW I would eat for the sake of it plus ate lots of foods I didn't really enjoy just because they were " free" crazy ! I did recently try SW again just for a change and wish I hadn't I was bloated which I wasn't CC plus after just 3 days had gained 3lbs ! Never again I'm back CC now and won't look back just hope I can reverse the damage before weigh in Thursday . Good luck x
  7. slim2012

    slim2012 Silver Member

    Good luck for tomorrow.
  8. fizzbomb

    fizzbomb Full Member

    So glad I read this, Katsmad, I could have written this exact post!! Thank you. :)
  9. katsmad64

    katsmad64 Full Member

    I stayed the same this week could have been much worse ! I had a day off yesterday and ate lots of junk back on it today as I feel pretty rubbish junk food is just what it says JUNK !! Have a good weekend x

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