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Hello, can't wait to meet you all,

Hello to everyone :) ,
I am hoping being here I will be meeting lots of lovely peeps in the same boat as me and to get lots of help,advice, info and also to help others and give advice, info and most of all friendship and encouragement.
I am a wife and Mum of 3 grown up children 1 boy 2 girls and the eldest 2 moved out 3 weeks ago (Just getting use to them not being here and almost stopped blubbing everytime I walk into their now empty rooms.) I still have my youngest at home although she is away at uni right now:( I miss her very much .
I have had spinal problems for 24 yrs had operations on my back which left me worse than I was including leg (nerve damage) Prior to my back being operated on I was working full time looking after my kids, all were very close in age all born a yr apart from each other.
I had my own horses , could ride a bike a few miles a day; my pain was up and down but I would work through it.

I was a nice size 12, 5ft10 and 9st3 now Im double the wieght and lost 2 inches in height due to osteoporosis and that is because I have gone through a premature menapause age 35 Im now 44.

Due to my spinal problems and pain I have an Intrathecal pump Implant this is a pump implanted in my tummy with a cathter conected to the pump and the other end conected ino my intrathecal space (into where the nerves are) this gives me Morphine and Clonididne 24/7 I also take alot of breakthrough oral pain killers.
I get around using a cane and if I go out which is very rare I use a Scooter so you see excercise is a problem! I do try to keep active by doing a few regular chores each day even when the pain is bad I still try as I don't want to siez up, but when I have done my chores my pain as usually kicked in it is a fine tunning all day taking pain killers so I can do things but then they can make me tired as does the pain also sleepless nights caused by pain.
I have dieted lost wieght but not enough, my wieght has crept up bit by bit and now its become uncomfortable in many ways.

I am now searching out Gastric Banding, I have asked my GP about this, he has told me about the very strict rules and said It would be a slim chance but due to my problems and a few other problems related that there maybe a chance, whilst Im waiting I have had to do a diet diary to show I am willing and trying other things. Due to the medications I am taking I cannot have the diet loss pills as they would interact with my medication also I cannot take another due to my health.
If I am turned down by the NHS My Husband said he would stand by me if I want to go private, which I would, I just feel guilty at how much it would be on just me!
Also of course weather its NHS or private it all depends if a surgeon will touch me due to my 'Pump',
Well I think I have said enough for now, I ache to much to go on, I have tried to get down as much info as I can.

Can't wait to chat to all of you soon:wavey:
Purple x
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Hi and welcome PFT, yes what Irene says.

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