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Hello everyone - I've switched to CD today....


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from Lipotrim and hope I can be as successful on it as many of you are!
I was on Lipo 3 weeks and lost 21lb's which I'm made up with but was finding it so boring due to how limited it is so have switched in the hope that having more variety will mean I'll Stick to it until I reach goal. I also hope that being on CD will make re-introducing food easier as they have clear 'steps' to work through.

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good luck, hope the weight keeps dropping off for you...you have done so well so far :)



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Welcome to the plan and welcome to the forums..... CD is brilliant after following LT, believe me I have done it..

Plus I found the support from my CDC a lot better than simply getting weighed and handing my money over which is what happened when I was following LT - the chemist didn't care if I lost weight or put on - all they wanted was the money

Hope this helps and good luck with your continued journey



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Thanks - yep so far I've found the same between CDC and chemist. They weren't bothered and seemed to rush me out of the door. i kept asking how re-feeding etc would work and kept getting told not to worry about it - they didn't seem to know what they were doing so feel much happier now. I just hope I can make it work for me as I'm sick of being a big fat mess!!


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Stop being so down on yourself - we are our own worst enemies at the best of the times, so we need to be upbeat and 100% and we will do this

Get posting everyday or as often as you can and the days will fly past - I need to get it into my head that it is one day at a time and if I can't manage that then there is something wrong - it is one day out of the rest of my life - repeat until slim !!


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thats a good way of looking at it - I dont always feel this way about myself, but sometimes its hard not to feel negative!
Anyway, onwards to a new slimmer me! yay!

Had my first CD shake - butterscotch and I thought it was lovely (well it would be compared to LT wouldn't it!!)
MrsN I swapped today too! I tried the toffee and walnut and it was amazing!!!! Good luck with CD!


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I have done CD for a week. As i am over 5'8 my CDC recommended 3 shakes and a 200 cal meal. I have done this all week. Kept control of portions and not cheated once. I have milk in 5 hot drinks per day. This has made my week pass very well. I feel tired and weak sometimes but I have lost 10lbs this week. I drink loads of water , which i believe is the key. I want to lose 24lbs in total so to lose so much in week one is amazing. I have done Lipotrim and it is so strict and boring it made me give up before i got to goal. CD is so flexible for a VLCD

Good luck

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