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Hello Everyone :)

Hi Everyone,
My name is Ruth and i'm trying to get down to my goal weight of around 10 stones. I joined Weight Watchers when I turned 17 and lost 1.5 stone. However my leader left, and I couldn't find another group so I stopped.
I then moved in with my partner and ate everything in the fridge, it didn't affect him as he is one of those stick insect can eat anything he want types! But it affected me and I put 2 stone back on!

(& Would you believe it I work in a Leisure Club as Deputy Manager...)

Here is my reasoning:
This is me at 16 at 10 stone! When I met my partner:

This is me post Weight Watchers at 18

This is me at my Birthday just gone at 20

I always seem to get the
"Oh my God is that REALLY you? It can't be"
"Your face has totally changed shape"
"What happened? You were fit then!"

Well, thank you to those individuals who commented on me :) as you have motivated me to join Slimming World. I joined Slimming World last Tuesday and Im so pleased! I do a mixture of all 3 days- original, green and extra easy depending on my schedule! Also just started on the Bronze Fitness challenge :)
I just can't wait to see their faces when I start losing weight!


November 5th- 4 Years With Partner- 7 Pounds off
December- 3 Xmas Do's- Be Able to fit into my 2 LBD's
December 25th- 1.5 Stone off
January- 2 Stone Off
March- Center Parcs- 2.5 Stone off
May 05 2011 4.5 Years With Partner- 3.5 Stone off

Afterwards Im going to treat myself to a Holiday in Greece :)
[& maybe some new clothes ;) ]

I am incredibly motivated and committed and I am happy to encourage people to achieve their goals- I love seeing others do well!

Good luck to everyone- Im sure we will all do well :)
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Hi and welcome.

This is THE place to be !!!!
Hi Ruth, i'm new here too :)

Well done on your loss! I've got my first weigh in tonight, i'm sooo nervous! I've stuck to the plan but haven't had much chance to excercise this week, hopefully that won't have too much of a negative effect :eek: xx
Hi there,

You will be fine!
My Leader told me that Slimming World can easily be done without exercise!
Im sure you will do really well!
Don't be nervous, just enjoy yourself- stay to the meeting and get some good tips!
Directories with all food values and syn values are dropped down to 3.00 from next week so get yourself one of those! It will be really useful im sure- particularly when going shopping!
(Another good place is ebay ;) )
As long as you have stuck to the plan then im sure you will be very pleased tonight!
Last week my dad went into hospital and i ate awful canteen food- I was worried too! But don't be because im sure you wont have anything to worry about.

Let me know how it goes!

Well done on your loss xx
Thank you, I lost six pounds in the end :eek: My face must have been an absolute picture I was so shocked! I'm veggie and only do green days so i've been eating loads of stodgy pasta and rice...it takes some getting your head around the fact that you can eat so much and still lose weight!

Thanks for the tip about the directories, I will definitely invest in a couple of those :) Will be much easier to take one out and about rather than having to make sure I check everything online first...

Hope your Dad is doing ok xx
Wow! Thats excellent!
Oh i completely agree with the amount of food you can consume!
I do a mixture of all 3 - I do EE when im going to cook, green when Im on early shifts at work and red when im on lates! i really enjoy green with all of the lentils and salad and rice and pasta! Yum yum!
I never ate as much as this when i ate normally- but i suppose it goes to show that we're eating the right things now!

Dad is good- has an irregular heart beat that jumps out of sync every few years but hes ok now (apart from having swollen veins due to the drugs they were giving him! :( )

Im definitely investing in the directories too- I plan my meals a week in advance so I never go rummaging through the fridge (disaster!) and the directories will be really useful for that!

I hope that your fabulous loss has inspired and motivated you!
Well done again!

Thank you honey, glad your dad is doing well :)

I definitely think planning is half the battle with SW, I feel a lot better knowing that i've got something nice to have for dinner rather than having to scrabble around in the cupboards when i'm starving! I've also been making sure i've got a stash of lowish syn treats like the cadbury light mousses (3 syns) and the treat size buttons (4 syns) so I don't feel too deprived!

Good luck with your second week :) xx
Thanks very much!
Wow Surreygal 66! Thats amazing! Well done to you!
Good luck for your 2nd week too Lady J!
I have rearranged my kitchen so that I hase a special area for cooking with all of my fruit veg & healthy items close by (and the chocolate at the opposite end!) which is great!
My tracksuit bottoms that I wear for work are starting to feel looser! :D
Also went for a run yesterday (& can barely walk today) which felt great.
Hope everyone else is doing well and having a great week.


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