hello everyone


:eek: hi my name is donna i started cd on friday and feel real good i am not used to using these sites so please bear with me if i get it wrong i will be around along time as i have 6 stone to lose x donna
Good luck Donna and welcome to the forums... I myself am on day 6 of the CD... and all is going ok!

You will get al the support you could possibly hope for in here.. I hope you enjoy ur stay :)
thanks how do i get all the stuff you guys got u now ticker etc x donna
Hi Donna and a very warm welcome to the WeMitt family. You will soon see that we really care about eachother, and have the answers to just about any question you may have, between us.
I use glitterkiss and ticker central for my "fancy bits" at the end, but there are others.
Ann xxx
Hi Donna
Welcome to Minimins and also to the wemitts. Looking forward to sharing your journey with you :)

I started CD at the end of March and have lost 6st so that gives you an idea of how quickly you'll shift the weight if you stick with it.

Good luck!
Welcome! You've come to the best site EVER! honestly I love this forum and i've only been around a few days. :D

Your 6 stone will soon go! CD really is great, the first 2 stone dropped off me in about 6 weeks.

The first 3 days are hard, but once you get over them, you won't feel hungry or anything, unlike a lot of diets, so be strong and you'll be amazed by your losses!

Did your Cambridge diet counsellor (CDC) measure you? I love seeing the inches drop and lost 3 and a half in a month off my hips on CD, so don't forget to do it if you haven't already had it done!

Huge Hugs! See you in WeMITTS!