Hello everyone !!


Minimins gal x
Hi my fellow Wemitts.How r u all doing.Have not been online the past week i have had probs with my pc and also some probs at home but i am on the way 2 sorting out everything bit by bit.

Diet wise i am doing ok i am folowing the 1000 cd plan most days but not having any shakes just making up with a little extra protein.
Seem to be having major orobs with water retention both my hand are very badly swollen which is painfull big time, i am drinking around 3/4 ltrs a day of water as well.

At the moment i am waiting for an app for the Endicrinologist(bad spelling) as my gp thinks i have a hormonal prob but i do have Pocs as well.
I know if i do have a hormonal prob that could of contributed to my weight prob but i have to take responsibility for all the cra-py food i have eaten over the years and the lack of exercise, or no exercise:mad: in my case.

Well i will stop rambling on and on, just wanted to say hi and see how u r all doing.
Take care and have a nice weekend xxxx
Hi Roch.

Missed ya ! Sounds like you have had loads going on. Hope the endocrinologist can sort something for you. I know all the misery of PCOS :( but I do think this diet is helping with the symptoms.

Well I won't waffle on, just wanted to say Hi !:) and nice to see you !
Hi Roch,

We all have missed you!

Lovely to see you back and I hope things work out well for you.

I hope you have a nice weekend, the weather is very nice here.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Roch, missed you, great to see you back. Ypu must have been lost without your PC, I don't know how I would cope without mine, I think I am addicted!

Glad to hear you are sticking with your plan, remember there is no rush, slow but sure wins the prize!

Take care Hun, lots of love
Hi Roch,

Glad your back on line, and doing well with your diet.

Hope you get your other problems sorted?

Take care. x
Hi Roch

Lovely to have you back:D

Now call me an old worry head or an old nag if you like, but I'm worried about you.

You say you're doing CD 1000 without shakes???? What about bars or tetras? If you're not having them, then you're not doing CD at all; but actually doing a 1000 cal a day diet. This cannot be giving you enough nutrients, I'm concerned you'll get really poorly. I think the lowest low cal diet recommends between 1250 and 1500 cals a day. The CD plan is only ok because you get all the vits from the foodpacks. You cannot get all of these necessary nutrients from food alone with cals of a 1000 each day.

Please re-think your eating and either add packs in or increase your food intake. Obviously I'm not a dietician and urge you to get professional advice, this is just l'il ole me speaking from the heart!!!

Take care.

Ok, lecture over!
Morning everyone,thanks for all the kind messages its nice 2 know that peeps still think of u even though u have not been around.

Morning Melissa,how r u doing girl.Have not chatted 2 u since the "diet coke" saga lol.Hope u r having a good weekend and will catch up with u soon xx

Mini hun i have so missed chatting 2 u whilst not having my pc, even when i am having a massive downer i know that when i log on i see a caring message from u that always brings a smile 2 my face, thanks hun xx

Morning Barb,hows u hun,no matter what is ging on in your life u still take the time to post and make sure others r ok that alone says what a special lady u r, take care hun xx

Morning Pebbles, thanx for the message.How r u doing girl.Up 2 anything nice this weekend xx

Cheb girl i know u r right but at the momment just being in control of my food intake is an achievement 4 me.
The way i see it is for many years i ate pure rubbish with no good vitamins/iron/calcium or any other nutrients and i am still standing but with a major life threatening obesity prob so if i am now in control of my food and loosing weight i presume as i have not weighed myself and for the momment i am not going 2 then its got 2 be better than staying the weight i am or getting bigger.Hun thanks for your concern i do appreciate it hun big time but i am ok.
Enough of me how r u girl, what u been up 2 xx

Morning Chicken girl its been a long time since i have chatted 2 u.How r u hun.Whats been going on with u.Will pm u later on got so much to do and my hands are so swollen today they r hurting so will stay of pc as much as poss today.
Have a good day xxx