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Hello I need some help please!!

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Hello My name is Hannah and I am 25, I weigh 20 stone and 5 lb, I need to lose weight desperatly.
I have tried everything slimfast, the cambridge weight plan, slimmers world, cabbage soup, healthy eating, everything and i have got to the point now where i just dont know what to do.
I am on the cambridge weight plan today is my first day, well i say first day but in actual fact i have tried to do this diet about 8 times and never been able to get further than 4 days without caving and eating.
I am the type of person who could sit and eat and eat without feeling full, big bags of crisps, sweets everything.
what should I do I really want to do this but I just dont know how, I am currently not working so am at home during the day alot, I have got so lazy and I know I need a plan but I just dont know where to start.
If anyone has any tips on what i should do that would be fantastic, I know I should be exercising and eating right but i am just finding it so hard.
I am sorry I sound so sorry for myself and I know you probably think I am just really a lazy person but I never used to be like this.
Any advice please!!!!

Thank you
Hannah x x:wave_cry:
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Hannah it is possible... believe me, Ive lost 2 and a half stone in just over 4 months, i too could eat and eat and eat! And I did... I would stuff my face, then get angry at myself for doing so, once you see a diet working it really drives you to keep trying. My diet hasnt been fantastic all the time... Ive fallen off the wagon several times but ive got back on it and kept going.

I wrote down a list of all the things I hate about being fat, how it makes me feel and what I want out of life, how I want to see myself and how I want to feel about myself... every time I wanted to cheat, I read it and it stopped me.

You can do it, but it does take will power and only you can find the will power to do it.

Now I want to get slim so I can be like "there u go... look at me now" to all the people who were mean because Im fat.
Hannah, you are in the same position of lot's of people - you are not alone. On this site there are lots of people who have felt that they will never be able to do it - including me I have to admit. I am not anywhere near goal yet but I am getting there sowly one day at a time. I try and distract myself if I am thinking of food - but not really needing food - coming on here helps. If you can do that for a week until your weigh in the initial weightloss will give you great motivation to carry on. You will have slips along the way - I have actually planned some in because I do not want to be a hermit for a year. I know there will be times then that I will put on a little of what I have struggled to take off - but I also know if I jump back on my plan again I will eventually get to goal. Keep going you can do it!!!
First of all you need to be positive. You can do it. Make some mini targets.

If you know you will eat lots of packets of crisps then don't buy them. If you have to buy things for other people either ask them if they will join you in healthy eating or buy a product that you are not keen on.

Start by keeping a food diary seeing what you eat, when and why and see if there is a pattern. Are you eating through habit, boredom or what?

If you have had a lot of tries of Cambridge diet then perhaps it is not for you.

Have you been to the doctors? They could monitor you or give you help with weight management.

Don't give up and we know how hard it is but you can do it.

Irene xx
I doubt anyone thinks you are lazy - you need to be in the right headspace to diet and exercise - but a little success breeds success - so stick in for the first week and then plan babystep increases of exercise from there.

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
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lol I just spent ages typing a reply & my laptop crashed just as I clicked ''post''!!!!!! Good job I had a preminission & copied it just before!!! :)... anyways... as I was trying to say about half an hour ago!! ......

Hi Hannah
Well congratulations!! you've made your first step towards becomming who you want to be & looking at the time I think you just smashed your 1st goal... DAY ONE - *DONE*

That's the key though, baby steps. Nevermind one day at a time, sometimes I found I needed to be taking it an hour at a time.

Plenty of tips/ideas, not sure if any of them would be of any useiggie as a lot of it's personal & everyone on this site will be more than willing to share their own experiences & help you along. That's another thing - not doing it on your own. Stick around & keep logging onto here. LOTS of people to encourage you & inspire you.

As for the being at home/exercise/temptation issues, depends on your circumstances? This site is always a good distraction. Maybe tell yourself, ok I want a bag of crisps, I'll just log onto minimins for an hour or so & then see if I still feel hungry. & if you need crisps/cake watever your temptations are - always buy low fat. It's hard if not impossible to just cut things out you've previously loved & feeling like you're denying yourself you'll give in easily. Start off swapping all your treats for a low fat version & then when it's right for you just lessen the amount of those you have. It's got to be right for you tho, or it won't work.
I used to make myself give a score out of 10 how hungry I felt... ok so I want to eat, or am I just bored, how much out of 10 do I NEED food, I had to be 7 or over to eat! If not I'd make myself do something else to be distracted.
Exercise wise - well not knowing how much you like to be active or abilities etc, all I can say is, there's no need for an expensive gym, try wlaking. Especially on beautiful sunny autumnal days like now, it's great for your mental health & amazing how a brisk walk can burn off the calories - & stop you from pigging out in front of rubbish daytime TV!!
Try getting a pedometor & set yourself little goals of beating your personal best each day?
Write a food diary. Honestly, I could easily forget I'd eaten soemthing & go to get another without writing it down. Or make yourself write it down before you eat it... might help you think twice!
Main thing is - never be hungry or unhappy. Keep your eye on the prize & your mind in positive mode!!!
Chin up & good luck. We're all here & all in the same boat (don't worry it's a pretty big ship, room for everyone!!! :))
Sorry if I've rambled on too much, I know it's never good to see reams of text!!! :)
Sweetie xx

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
S: 12st6lb G: 8st7lb
I doubt anyone thinks you are lazy - you need to be in the right headspace to diet and exercise
This is SO true & to all those thin people out there who say ''oh just loose some weight'' ARGH!!!!


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Hi Hannah. No one on here will think you are lazy or feeling sorry for yourself. I started my diet on 30th April at 18stone 4 lbs. I am now 6 stone lighter. I've tried lots of diets before and failed after a day or two. I've found calorie counting works for me. Perhaps Cambridge isn't for you. Slimming World might be good as it changes your eating habits. I just aimed to lose the weight half a stone at a time - I tried not to think of the whole amount I'd got to shift. Just think - stick to your diet for the next week, and this time next week you will be lighter than you are now!
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Aww hunny NO-ONE here will be thinking your lazy, we are all in the same boat, proberly going through the same struggles, urges, hunger, the 1st thing you need to do it get into the right mindframe, like people have said, set yourself a goal something small like 4lbs when you see yourself do that then up it to 6lbs by the time you have done that you will find it so much easier to set bigger goals, stone.. also make a food diary so you can see what your eating each day, iv been dieting since the 1st of aug and today i hit my 13lbs loss and seeing the weight coming off is urging me to do more, at the start of my diet i use to to eat about 3000 kcals a day nearly tipping the scales are 20 stone, now i have a healthy diet, an hr or so of exercise a day, i NEVER thought id be able to do that.. it is possible hun, you only have to look through this site to see that, theres so much support here is amazing.. take it 1 day at a time or even like some said an hr at a time and you will get there hun,

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